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Closed - Blu Med Ristorante e Bar @ Midvalley

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Have you tried or immerse yourself into the mediterranean culture, scenery or food? For me I don't have it yet but it was always a  dream of mine to travel and experience their culture, history, scenery and food in the  mediterranean part of the world.. After found out about the opening of the casual dining restaurant called the Blu Med at the Garden's Midvalley Mall.. You will notice it when you cross along the pathway from the Garden's Mall which is the same floor as the newly opened Coach Malaysia store.. It is situated on your left..

Blu Med from the exterior of the restaurant, It has the allure and ambiances which gives you the impression of this restaurant to be a very open, spacious and relax concept and also modern with its wood furnishing and there is 2 different entrance which is the by the side of the pathway and the main entrance..

 In the main entrance, you will be greeted with the high rack of candles that is lighted artificially and also on your left, you will see a beautiful wooden staircase with a high wall that is covered in greenery.. The main attraction or the centre piece of this restaurant is their beautifully created chandelier from bottles which to me is very unique and also displayed the restaurant is an innovative food and beverage outlet that utilises the concept of greenery and recycling or in other words being ecofriendly which is the latest trend now..
Loving their wooden furniture and after passing through the rack of candles, we then walked to their seating and there were a bar and also a long kitchen area which is enclosed with glass that gives you a look inside the happenings of the kitchen while waiting for your food..

After walking into the restaurant and soaking up its calm ambiance, we were greeted and ushered by the friendly staff which all their uniforms were black with a tie of the colour purple to our seats and we choose to seat indoors and quite inside which has the view of the opposite side of the mall that overlooks the Dome cafe and also Coach store..Then, we were presented the 3 different types of menu that they have which are  set lunch or breakfast menu, ala carte menu and drinks.. They serve alcohol like red and white wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, whisky, cognac, aperitifs ,beers, cocktail, mock tails and also the usual juices, tea, chocolate and coffee.. Their ala carte menu is pretty extensive with the endless choices of food to choose from and it starts from the starters, tapas, main, pasta, pizza, Asians and dessert.. In this restaurant, you can ask for their special menu which called the Sassijima menu which is prepared and created by the executive chef of this Blu Med and it has several choices on the price and also with increasing price you can have the chance to sample more items which sound delicious and mouth watering even by just reading it let alone tasting it.. 

After much deliberation on what to order for both drinks and food and in the beginning Nic would like to order a pizza and we consulted with the server and they advise us to not go for the pizza in case we couldn't finish it..Finally, Nic and I decided on having main of roast duck breast for me and spaghetti squid ink for Nic.. Then for dessert we ordered a dessert of the day which was apple pie and the chocolate banana parfait..Service here is fast as moments after the order of food, we were given breads with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to act as the first aperitifs for us before we begun our meal.. The balsamic vinegar and the olive oil goes well together as the vinegar brings in the sourness to the tongue.. 
Bread of 2 kinds: oats and normal with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Hazelnut Latte(iced) & Irish Whiskey Coffee 

Within moments, the food arrives which was quite fast.. The food looks amazing.. First, came the Spaghetti squid ink which looks very generous in portion and also hearty in its presentation with its mussels, clams, squid and their pasta was made with squid ink.. Surprisingly, the squid ink pasta made by Blu Med doesn't have that strong fishy taste which you would get from the squid ink.. The pasta was very delicious and hearty in its flavours whereas its clams and mussels didn't have much flavour but overall the dish is very well made.. This dish is a signature dish and Nic really enjoyed it very much with its great pasta and its freshness in seafood.. Just need to improve on the portion of the pasta in my opinion as the pasta is such an enjoyable thing to eat in this dish but it wasn't enough for him to continue to savour and enjoy the moment with his spaghetti.. Overall it was a good dish to order here..

Next, came my choice of main which was the Roast Duck Breast. The impression I got from this dish is that it looks so majestic and proud with the center piece of a stick of rosemary and their portion is very generous in terms of their proteins.. The Roast duck breast is served in a circular motion with the duck breast overlapping each other and below it is a bed of wild rice, yam and black olive sauce which is painted on the plate.. When I had my first bite of its duck breast, the breast tasted heavenly and juicy yet tender.. The breast cooked medium to perfection and the meat is properly rested which gives its meat a juicy and tender taste when I ate it.. Love the taste of it and the fat layer is just a nice accompaniment to its meat.. The wild rice is a new thing for me as I had heard about such rice before but never tried it and it is my very first time trying it.. To me it tasted sort of like a risotto with the addition of green beans and the rice isn't that soft but it did carry some of its sauces.. The black olive sauce which we painted beautifully on the plate has very faint impression of its olives..

Dessert of the day: Apple pie (RM 18)
After the delicious and wonderful mains that we had, we then ordered 2  beautiful desserts to try from this restaurant  which are the Chocolate Banana Parfait for me and the Dessert of the day for Nic.. Be sure to ask more information about the dessert of the day as it may change but for us on that we were lucky enough to try their special twist on a classic dessert Apple Pie..
According to the server when we asked about the dessert of the day speciality or the stand out point when he mentioned that their Apple pie is different from the others and also the classic ones.. So Nic went through it and order the Apple pie.. Now the moment has arrived to reach a verdict whether it is that really special and amazing as it was mentioned to us.. The apple pie came to us as sort of like a cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and also nuts sprinkled on top of it and also it was drizzled and surrounded by the cooked apple sauce which I believed is made with apple slices being broiled with water/ juice, cinnamon powder and honey/sugar.. 

The moment he had his very first bite on this dessert, he felt alittle different as the dessert has difference in its layering instead of the usual apple pie having the pie crust on the outside and the apples inside but this is the reverse side of this dessert orientation with the cooked apples on the outside and the pie crust or crumbles fitted inside the apple.. When I had a bite of it, surprisingly I loved how the apples is cooked till a certain softness but still retains its firmness and not looking all soft and mushy and the pie crumble in between the apples really gives me the impression of an apple crumble and also it gave the dessert a hint of texture when you bite it and it goes so well with its sauce/ syrup and also ice cream.. Could say he clean up the whole plate easily.. 

Chocolate Banana  parfait (RM19)
After an amazing impression and memory with the Apple Pie, now its the Chocolate Banana Parfait's turn to get into the judgement zone and to see whether it also has a similar standard from the Apple Pie.. The first impression that I got from the moment this beauty arrives to our table is that it look so Beautiful and so yummy with all the elements are beautifully decorated and the ice cream looks so amazing and sexy with a dollop of cream next to it and some slices of bananas being halves and some slices of chocolate ganache which was frozen.. In the bottom of the delicious and sexy  looking dessert, there were chunks of chocolate chip cookies and also some brownie cubes in it.. I want to document it before I devoured it as it is such a beautiful dessert.. Enough about its appearance..


The first bite or scoop that I got from this dessert tasted heavenly with the ice cream slather with chocolate sauce and also cream.. It tasted so amazing.. Loving the chocolate ice cream with the bananas and also the cookies and brownies with the cream.. It wasn't overly sweet but still pleasurable and enjoyable to eat it with after the beautiful roast duck breast as the main.. Its really a masterpiece for chocolate ice cream or banana or even both with brownies lovers as it really fits my kind of bill with getting the best of the 3 types of ingredients and baked desserts that I absolutely adore and love eating it..  Would return for another visit for this dessert and also their other desserts available in this restaurant..  Overall dessert is fantastic! Loving both Nic and my dessert as each has their own uniqueness in taste and also presentation that is so captivating to the eyes especially mine which looks like a work of art for all Foodie's or Dessert fanatics alike like myself hehehe

Verdict: Love the dessert of the day and also chocolate banana parfait and also the roast duck breast.. Will return again for the others and the parfait.. Be sure to check out their FB or website to check out more info
Ambiance: 4/5
Blu Med Ristorante e Bar 
27-G Ground floor, 
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City 
Lingkaran Syed Putra 
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
                                                             TELEPHONE: 03-2201 5081 


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