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International Meal @ Shangri-la KL Hotel


Beautiful floral centerpiece 
When you think of Luxurious place in KL especially hotel, where would you think it is ? For me Shangri-la is the one which posses a luxurious and beautiful yet inviting and relaxing hotel to be dining in.. The Shangri-la has a lot of wonderful dining outlets but have yet to try them.. Love their lobby!! Luxurious and majestically beautiful lobby.. It has both the 5 star, pub and pastry shop to cater for their guest of different requirement
Sunday, we went to have a go at the Lemon Garden cafe that is near the lobby of the Shangri-la KL for their International buffet..

We came here for a celebration.. There were a few types of buffet to choose from and it changes accordingly to the days of the week which usually has the theme of the day which in fact ranges from Seafood, international and roast..When we were seated, we were given a jug of complimentary drink which was the Lemongrass tea 
Reminder: To have a reasonably empty stomach!

Complimentary drink: Lemongrass tea
For the buffet, it was separated with a few sections: Chinese, noodle station, indian, malay, japanese, western, middle eastern, salad, italian and Desserts!

My Favourite stations were the Western and Desserts.. Love their offerings..
In the Western section, I had was their roast sirloin steak with roasted vegetables which are red capsicums, zucchinis and corn on the cob and it was slathered on some mushroom gravy.. I could just tell you that the roast sirloin, the meat was cooked to perfection and it wasn't dry as the meat is still juicy and delicious and it was so effortless to slice it..

Besides that, the western section also has several staples of the western cuisine which was the roasted potatoes, roasted lamb rack with brown rice, roasted chicken and also some smoked salmon, smoked padi padi fish, vegetable terrine ( which is a lovely alternative) and also some mussels and also not to forget the entire salmon being displayed and it looked rather dashing!
Love the smoked salmon with capers and its cream that has a hint of mustard which is a lovely compliment to the salmon and also gives it a kick that is absolutely amazing.. The smoked Padi padi fish was absolutely delicious.. Actually the fish (wasn't photographed, sorry was busy eating ) appearance and also taste was like the maguro (red tuna) which is lovely and it was fresh with its mayonnaise.. The vegetable terrine is a wonderful vegetarian twist to the dish that mostly has meat as its filling.. It is light, refreshing, delicious and full of flavour..

Lets go back to the chinese section shall we.. So I head back after the western meal, I had a look around the aisle which display an array of chinese dishes which ranges from meats like chicken or duck to seafood, stirfry noodles, stirfry vegetables and some amazing soup..
Next to the roast duck there were also a noodle station which has a board to display its daily special and also not to mention there is also some variety of dimsum..

After searching around and deciding it rather difficult to try which first as everything in that section looks and smells absolutely amazing and when I saw the roast duck, the skin can see that it is that crispy and glossy that it sings to you to get it in your plate and then stomach.. Finally, I got into my plate was the roast duck with its sourish plum sauce which to me was a heavenly pair, the abalone which is beautifully cooked and braised in a lovely sauce and also accompanied by some fantastic black mushroom which is cooked to perfection and tender and also some broccoli wit it and also not to forget about the braised white cabbage with shredded scallop.. Loving the plate of food! Not to forget, I also had prawn 2 ways which was stir fry and also cooked with the noodles.. Both have difference in textures as one is cooked in a wet style which has moisture retained in it some flavours of the noodles whereas the other way is  a dry paste which was stir fried and usually its ingredients varies..

Chinese course 
Prawn 2 ways 

Japanese plate
After that, I went over to the Japanese section and i could say that its like a battle of people getting the best cuts of the sashimi which consist of salmon,maguro(tuna), scallop,yabbies, prawns etc., Oysters and also the different types of sushi available for that day.. From the plate of Japanese selection that I took from the section, I like the oyster the most as it still has its freshness but not the kind that you can taste from the moment it was fished out from the oceans which has the freshness and aroma of the ocean and also some saltiness to it but its alright and I also love its salmon and maguro sashimi.. Practically went back for seconds.. The scallop and mussels however has not much to say in terms of flavour and their sushi tasted fairly good but not as amazing as the ones I had in Jogoya and Kampachi. that has a thick slice of its salmon and it was delicious and fresh. Next, we move on to the Yabbie's which looks similar to their cousins the Lobster and crayfish.. The Yabbie's looks so cute and delicious and the meat is really sweet and delicious just that they are a tad bit difficult to unshell them because they are body is small but the meat is just worth peeling it..


strawberry covered chocolate, l'opera, lemon meringue tartlet, waffle

After all those wonderful meals of variety of cuisine around the world, I ventured into the sweet world in the buffet.. It was like a beautiful place for sweet or dessert fanatics with the display of two chocolate fountains with endless flowing of chocolate sauce and various choices of fruits sticks or marshmallows to dip in the fountain.. After the Fountain, I then move on to the station which was welcomed with a bread and butter pudding, waffle with variety of condiments like chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, sprinkles etc. Moving on, I was also introduced by the pastry chefs there about the variety of ice cream flavours presented in front of me and all their ice creams are sourced and supplied by the New Zealand Natural Company.. Rejoice for that as it is my favourite ice cream company and also it has a great quality of ice cream and its flavours.. Besides that, you also can ask the pastry chef to make a special dessert which is a mixture of two or more flavours of ice cream with different toppings and its usually done in a marble top.. Next to the ice cream, there are an array of display of beautifully looking cakes like Tiramisu cake, L'opera,black forest, green tea cake and many more option.. Opposite their station has their display cabinet which is so attractive and beautifully decorated with all the tartlets of various toppings or combination of flavours, mousse and also some chocolate cakes.. 
For me, I had was the waffle with some chocolate sauce and sprinkles of peanuts, strawberry dip in chocolate, lemon meringue tartlet, l'opera and also chocolate mousse and also some chocolate ice cream and also honey flavoured ice cream.. I love the l'opera it tasted heavenly in my mouth and the chocolate slices is smooth.. The waffle is light and a little crunchy/ crispy and the lemon meringue tartlet is rather cute but the meringue is more than the lemon curd as the lemon was at the base of the tart and the meringue is not beat smoothly as I still can taste and feel the sugar in my tongue which makes it rather sweet..
Finally, after enjoying a heavenly meal in this restaurant.. I left after the bill got settled and I was eligible for the lucky draw which the staff asked you to draw out 2 white balls from the giant present box and if your lucky you will get something in return.. For me I got a complimentary made cake for me which is good and I cant wait to find out what flavour do they offer.. Until then, will post up the picture of my prize once it arrives..
chocolate mousse 

Surprise gift 

Verdict: Love the chinese, western and dessert section.. Will comeback to try the indian and malay and also the middle eastern section.. Enjoyed it the most ^^..

Lemon Garden Cafe (Casual dress code)
Lobby Level
Shangri-la Hotel KL
Opening time: 6am-1am
phone number: (60 3) 2074 3900


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