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Frog Porridge @ Singapore Geylang Lor9 , Old Klang Road


Have you ever heard of maybe your friends telling you what kinds of speciality dishes that may not tickle a persons fancy or give the chills down your spine when you're hearing about.. But surprisingly there are some things or delicacies that may not look appetizing but tasted heavenly in your mouth..

Well, the other day, I had my first ever try on something that I have never tried before during my lifetime which was the Frog porridge.. Actually, among the chinese it is a speciality and some places may have difference in approach of cooking this frogs.. So N brought me to a frog porridge restaurant in Old Klang Road to expand my horizons on this famous chinese delicacy..
The frog porridge restaurant is located at the Old Klang Road and its before the Honda showroom.. Its just on your left of the driver seat so remember to be on the look out for the sign of the restaurant.. The moment we arrived in that restaurant, there were 2 seating choices which were outdoor and indoor..

So we went into the indoor seating and it was air-conditioned which is good for the malaysian weather..
We were given menu and in the menu there comprises of frog porridge of different versions and also other condiments and dishes to accompany them.. This place main attraction is the Frog porridge!!.. Thankfully we dont need to witness the process of making and cooking a frog porridge but in the indoor dining area there are some of the flat screen TV that shows you the shows that have featured them in Singapore etc.


Lets move on to the main purpose we are here which is Eating!!.. So we have ordered the original flavour of frog porridge called  Shi Sheng Claypot Frog Porridge which are made from the plain rice porridge, frog legs with some ginger slices.. The dish is mainly served in claypots and it is best to share it with someone or if you are a big eater then it is just nice for you.. So there isn't any seasoning in the porridge which means you can season it to your liking and this is provided at the tables that you are seating, that appears a basket which includes the sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper but there aren't any raw sliced ginger provided, so you have to try asking them but for me the porridge has the sufficient amount of sliced gingers..
The overall thing is that this porridge is an ordinary white porridge which is quite bland and the frog legs aren't that flavourful that I thought it would be and it didn't give much flavour to the porridge.. To me it is just average bowl of porridge with some frog legs in it.. But the other varieties of porridge which are cooked with dried chili or cooked with spring onions and some dark soy sauce added in the dish may elevate their flavour profiles..

Verdict: the porridge is nice..

Geylong Lor 9 Fresh frog porridge,
Old Klang Road 


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