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Acme South @ Bangsar Village 1

Happy New Year 2015! I hope everyone had a great celebration with friends and family!

Wanting to try this Acme South for a long time!

And Finally we have the time to do so!

The interior of it looks really wide and homey! It also give a southern feeling with the wooden chairs and the sofa seating

After reviewing the menu and discussing of what to try in their appetizing menu.. 
Finally we made the decision of Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese 

This Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese which is a different interpretation of the normal famous mac & cheese which we have seen on tv which has the alot of the cheese melted after baking and rather heavy dish..

Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese 

But this acme version of the mac & cheese is a light version and wasn't the creamy or excessive amounts of cheese pasta dish.. It was a very delightful and enjoyable dish with the fried chicken which is delicious and moist.. Great dish to order!

Shrimp Scampi Capellini 

Next, we ordered the Shrimp Scampi Capellini... 

The shrimp scampi capellini was truly a wholesome meal as their portion is really generous in terms of the prawns and its not just 2 or 3 on the plate there were more than 4.. Was happy with it! The pasta has soaked up all the prawn broth which made it such a delicious dish to eat!

The prawns was cooked perfectly and juicy with the preserved lemons and capers! It was filled with delicious cajun spices.. Really enjoyed eating the pasta with that prawn broth! A must try dish

Dessert Time!

Semolina Cake 

You can opt for the desserts which can be seen at the display case and on the menu.. After much deliberation of which to order, we finally decided on the almond semolina cake and the sizzling apple pie with vanilla ice cream

Almond semolina cake is really delicious and simple with the hint of almond as the nutty texture and the cake is also moist! It goes well with the vanilla ice cream.. 

Heavenly slice of cake! Simplicity of every bite from this simple and delicious cake 

Next is Sizzling Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream 

Its similar to the Acme Bar & Coffee Signature Brownie with ice cream 

Sizzling Apple pie with vanilla ice cream 

The moment it arrives it is a similar thing and look as the brownie ones and there were a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream.. The waiter then does the performance of pouring the caramel on top of the ice cream and the side of the hot pan to create the sizzling sound..

The apple pie was paired well with the caramel sauce and the ice cream.. The apple was cooked nicely which is soft yet firm and has a hint of cinnamon to it.. Delicious!

Verdict: Amazing food, great ambience & service!
A must try food is Shrimp Capenelli 
The portion is worth the price 

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4/5

Acme South

LG10 Bangsar Village 1
03-2283 6288

Opening Hours 
Mon -Thur : 10am -12am
Fri- Sat :    10am-1am 
Sunday : 10am -12am 


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