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Ben's Bake Shop, B.I.G Grocery Shop @ Publika


Well I'm craving for beautiful & delicious desserts !
So head to a dessert adventure in Publika !
It's been long since I last visited this food heaven and I've noticed there are more restaurant addition which made me more excited to try them all (if I can)

So back to the dessert adventure, I heard of the recent opening of the new dessert parlour from the Big Group which is located in the BIG grocery shop

The dessert order number is so cute with its donuts! So the whole setup is simple but it was just a feast for the eyes as there is a whole counter filled with desserts of various shapes and variety and cakes galore! 

Their menu is really simple and cute (wasn't picture here).. It consist of plated desserts which is only available from 2pm and there were categories of friend and bested, ice cream float and all day which is a breakfast options. 

After much thinking and viewing, we finally decided on the desserts to order

First to arrive is the Churros with Cinnamon Sugar 

In Ben's Bake shop there is also another option of churros is the chocolate sugar.. 
The churros we ordered came in pipping hot! 
Sadly the churros was not as crispy and the cinnamon sugar wasn't strong enough to sweeten this churros.. Was looking forward to eating this churros 

Churros with cinnamon sugar

Second to arrive is the Chocolate Conversation which looks so beautiful and proud! This beautiful plated dessert consists of milk chocolate chiboust, dark chocolate sable, balsamic ice cream, strawberries and caramel chocolate tuille.. The bottom disc is the dark chocolate sable which is the cookie and it goes well with the milk chocolate chiboust that is really creamy and rich..

The balsamic ice cream is really nice and very sourish which gives the dessert a sourish note that creates balance between the crunchy cookie of sable and the creamy and rich chiboust.. The caramel chocolate tuille provides the sweet notes to this dessert with the strawberries.. 
A truly encapsulating plated dessert that consists of many textures and taste!

Chocolate Conversation 

Third to come is the Gula Melaka Friand which is a little funnel cake of sort filled with gula melaka and coconut.. It is a moist and fluffy cake in the inside just lack the gula melaka element in it.. But it was lovely to have it with a cuppa tea..
 The Gula melaka friand is not in the menu as it is present at the counter but make sure to check before ordering to avoid disappointment

Gula Melaka Friand 

But bare in mind to check with the cashier when ordering because some of dessert on the menu may not be available or finish to avoid disappointment.. Hoping to try their choc-a-bloc!

Verdict: A must try dessert- Chocolate conversation 

Ambience: 3/5

Ben's Bake Shop
Lot No.1A, 83-95,
Level UG1, Publika
Jalan Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas 


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