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Mad About Coco, Publika

Mad About Coco? Who?
Raise your hands if you are mad chocoholic? Well I do! 

I love chocolate as it is a happy snack for me and also eating dark chocolate is found to be beneficial for health when taken in moderation (but its also an excuse to get good quality chocolate and eat it!.. hehehe)

Heard alot of chocoholic madness about the Mad About Coco and was curious to find out what was brewing in this place of chocoholic madness.. 

The place here is rather funky and simple and there are alot of props for some selfie or wefie photos! 

Its also a great place for some meet up and to have celebration 

Their menu is rather simple and it consist mainly chocolates theme desserts in various method of preparation

After much thinking of what to order from the extensive choices of chocolate desserts, 

We choose the 2 of their signature desserts which are Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball & Mad About Coco Signature Chocolate cake 

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball 

First up is the Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball.. First impression of this dessert is that it looks very artistic and everywhere in this plate has essence of chocolate except for the strawberries..

After pouring of the chocolate ganache 

In the ball of chocolate contains the tiramisu cake and to get it, we have to pour the chocolate ganache provided in the little jug.. So, we poured the ganache to the ball until the ball melts.. The tiramisu was delicious with the chocolate ganache and the strawberries which gives it some sourish notes

Mad About Coco Signature Cake 
Next came the Mad About Coco Signature Cake which consist of chocolate brownie cake and the disc of chocolate with the restaurant logo and a mini jug of ganache

The chocolate cake is full of cocoa taste and very moist and soft 

After taking pictures of the before, I pour the ganache on top of the cake and the reaction from the pouring is the chocolate disc.. It was like a magic show to see the reaction of the chocolate disc and you can see the centre of the cake with some bits of chocolate in it.. 

The desserts created are quite similar to a dessert showcased from the MasterChef Australia which also the pouring of chocolate ganache especially the signature chocolate cake which has the similar effect after the pouring of chocolate ganache on top of the disc..

Verdict: Truly chocholic heaven with everything of chocolate.. 
Price kinda steep considering the portion

Ambience: 3/5
Service: 3/5

Mad About Coco

A1-1-9, Publika Mont Kiara 1
Jalan Dutamas 1 
Solaris Dutamas 
50480, Kuala Lumpur 
Wilayah Persekutuan


  1. haha i believe most of the people are chocoholic especially girls! the chocolate cake looks rich!

    The most elegant place in Penang!


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