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Dessert palace @ Eat Me, Telawi 2

How you wish that desserts can tell you Eat me! which is what the latest addition dessert parlour name called  of the dessert scene of Bangsar.. 

The outside of it is very cheerful already and the moment we push the door open into the shop and the whole world of dessert heaven 

The interior of the dessert place is really colourful and very cute! Every inch of this place is beautifully decorated with alot of containers which features pink colour which is the colour of happiness 

Their menu is really straight forward but for a dessert lover it is really hard to figure out which to order as all their desserts looks really good 

Sydney Stars

After much deliberation of the various desserts on the menu and the recommendations of the staff, we decided to go for Sydney Stars 

It looks really pretty on the plate.. The sydney stars is a 2 pieces of large size cookies filled with cream and topped it off with slices of strawberries and pistachios which gives it a crunchy texture.. The cookie is really spongy and light.. Love it!

The accompaniment is the Watermelon sorbet which is refreshing for the palate and a suitable thing to have for a hot day 

Next dessert we ordered was the Shibuya Honey Bunch.. 
This is actually one of the parlour signature desserts

Shibuya honey bunch 

This dessert is actually toasted bread which is filled with honey and buttery taste, sprinkled with some honey cornflakes and 2 large scoops of vanilla ice cream.. The portion is really generous and if you love honey there is a small jug of honey to be pour all over..

We've tried it without the honey but with the ice cream and it taste really good and toasty with some crunchy cornflakes.. Then we tried it with the honey poured all over it and it tasted really sweet and honey overload so have to bear in mind that this dessert is sweet itself before the extra addition of honey.. 

Churros with salted caramel dip

Finally, we have the churros which caught our eyes when we saw the menu.. Its still hard to find a good churros in KL.. So we are pretty excited to try their churros

For the churros only can have 1 dipping sauce, so we chose the salted caramel.. 
Really excited to see the churros when it arrives to our table and it looks really good with its crispy golden brown exterior

The churros is really crispy and cooked really well and not chewy.. The salted caramel sauce is really enjoyable to be dipped into with a well cooked churros.. Their churros is really good! 

Verdict: Must try is their Shibuya Honey Bunch and Churros! 
Hopefully can visit another time to try their other creations

Ambience: 4/5

Eat Me 
23 Jalan Telawi 2
Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours 

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Public Holiday 

Closed on Tuesday 


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