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Friday Brekkie @ Nutmeg, Bangsar Village

Hello Hello! 

Its the friday and its the day we can enjoy our breakfast or brekkie (Australian term) with plenty of time

So we decided to head to Bangsar area where it is the heaven of brekkie with its endless choices of restaurants that serves up good breakfast options 

From all we decided to try the breakfast at Nutmeg which is just opposite of Zara in Bangsar Village 2.. This places is really popular and always been spotted to be a crowded place..

Finally, We could try their food after what we witnessed of their high traffic flow of people eating especially during their lunch time!

After deciding from their menu, we had the spanish fritata and the eggs benedict with salmon 

Spanish Fritata 
First to arrive is the spanish fritata which is like a pie shape omelette that contains spinach, hams and sundried tomatoes that is accompanied with a salad and toast..

Egg Benedict with salmon 
Second to arrive is that Egg Benedict with salmon accompanied with a side of salad.. The eggs benedict is just alright with the hollandaise sauce.. It is just a mediocre eggs benedict

Cafe Latte
Their cafe latte is really nice and not overly  bitter.. Their service is just alright but during when we are dining, the server was standing near our table and it felt like they want us to eat and leave fast.

Verdict: Food is mediocre and not much of variety in choices.. 
Their service isn't entirely great.. 
Hopefully will have another chance to try their lunch 


Bangsar Village 2 
Jalan Telawi 1

Opening hours:9:30am-10pm


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