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Mikey's Original New York Pizza @ Publika

Hey! How's everyone doing after the 1st month of 2015? 
Can't believe that its already February and the chinese new year is just around the corner! 
How time pass so fast..

So I was in publika for a visit of their weekend flea markets (suitable for girls with vendors selling trinkets) and after walking around.. Felt hungry was having a hard time choosing what to eat as publika have endless of choices 

Pick up sign plate

Finally, we've decided to go for the New York Pizza which is becoming popular among the locals for a delicious thin new york style pizza.. 
Can say finally I get to taste their pizza and understanding why their pizza creations are so good!

The interior of the pizza parlour really gives it an american theme with its pictures hanging on the walls , the music playing, the flooring , the exposed brick walls and also the sofa seatings.. 

Everything about this pizza parlour is really simple yet very new york even though I haven't actually been to the Big Apple yet 

Alright, back to the pizza.. The menu here fairly simple with its choices of pizza, drinks and they offer waffle fries which has varieties of sauces drizzled on depending on the type which you order.. Not to mention they also offer the Buffalo chicken which are boneless, some sides and a section called hot heroes which is a sandwich that has the variation of chicken or meatball parmigiana and philly cheese steak.. 

After much thinking of which delicious looking pizza to try, so we finally decided to go for the Mama's Wild Mushroom Pizza and The Tony Soprano 

Mama's Wild Mushroom Pizza 
This is pizza is all mushroom crazy with shiitake, oyster & portobello which are sauteed in butter, garlic, olive oil, fresh basil and mozarella cheese with tomato sauce,. Yummlicious! Its all mushroom but the pizza is really flavourful

The Tony Soprano 
Next is the Tony Soprano.. It is so wholesome as a pizza as it contains alot of delicious fillings like the meatballs, sliced steaks, plentiful of pepperonis, roasted peppers and sweet roasted garlic which topped with mozzarella cheese.. It is really delicious and heavenly! Abit oily and also a very filling pizza but delicious!

Verdict: Delicious pizza! 
Would like to have another visit to try their other pizza's and waffle fries 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Mikey's New York Pizza
Publika Dutamas 1
Solaris Dutamas 
603-6211 6293


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