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Milkcow @ Midvalley

Soft serve is everywhere right now and I heard alot about this Milkcow.. 
I even witnessed the extremely long line of people lining up just for the cup of soft serve.. 

This made me even more curious about the taste and the texture of the soft serve ice cream and what made it such a trend that still goes on strong especially in Instagram.. 

After waiting patiently for a long time in finding the perfect time to line up and try this latest craze of soft serve 

Was quite excited to finally find out the soft serve.. Was standing in the line and came across their board of soft serve combination created.. Everyone in the line was so patient and obedient in waiting for their turn to order..

After awhile of deciding which combination to order, we ordered their Milky Honey & Milky Pop both at the price of RM 11.50.. 
The service staff there is really fast and efficient and they work like a well oiled machine with the cashier quickly getting your order and we just walk to the end of the counter to pick up our soft serve but sadly the Midvalley outlet has not much of seating area to comfortably enjoy their creations. 

Milky Honey
This is Milky Honey which is rather simple in terms of looks.. Was expecting the cup to be cold but was quite disappointed as the cup felt rather warm and the soft serve immediately started to melt despite getting it from the counter.. There wasn't much to shout about it as it was rather plain for me in terms flavour and the honey was just drizzled on top so you can only get it at the beginning and left with milk at the end..

Milky Pop
Next is the Milky Pop. After having the milky honey, I was hoping for this to convince me more in their soft serve deliciousness factor.. When I got this, it looks nice with all the popcorn.. The pop corn isn't made fresh, it was from another source (Nope, it wasn't garrett's)..

This time, the cup is warm from its pop corn at the bottom and then only the ice cream layer and it was then drizzled back with caramel sauce and sprinkled with more popcorn.. To me, the popcorn isnt that great, I still prefer the Garrett's popcorn and again the ice cream isnt that cold to enjoy.. It melted too fast for me to enjoy..

Verdict: Just alright, not really a fan of it

Lower Ground Floor 
Gardens Mall 
Kuala Lumpur 


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