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Sugar Rush @ Section 16, PJ

Has been quite fascinated about the dessert parlour name Sugar Rush when it was just opened in Kota Damansara but sadly it was closed before I could try it.. 
That time I was quite sad that it's close all too soon because I heard many great things about their cakes especially a famous cake name Chocolate Ganache 

When I heard and found out through their Facebook and Instagram accounts that they are in the midst of renovating their new location, I was stoked that I still have the chance to try their delicious creations of desserts! 
Finally I got to try them after waiting for them to reopen! 
The place is relatively easy to find if you are a frequent traveler around the Petaling Jaya area
Its actually an old Bungalow located at the junction and its facing opposite of the UM campus hostel..
The place is relatively spacious and it was beautifully decorated with simplicity and elegance of the black tables with pillows and couches which felt homey and relax.. 
There are some outdoor seating as well.. 

The main thing you will notice is the table display of varieties of cakes that entices you to have a slice and its proves to make it rather difficult to pick just 1 as all looks too good to eat.. There are breads and savoury foods to eat.. There were music of our days to listen and there's a room for functions or gatherings 

After much thinking and debating which to order, I chose the Chocolate Ganache cake which is their best seller and the most talked about! 
Luckily we took the whole lot of this because when I came in it was just have 1/2 portion of the full cake left at the counter table.. So remember to keep on a look out for this cake as the saying goes "Now you see me, Now you don't" 
Its that good that this beauty is gone within half the day.. 

Back to the cake.. When this slice of beauty arrives to our table, it looks really beautiful and the cake portion is really generous! It looks even better when it was photographed that entices you with its luscious chocolate ganache and the moist cake.. 

After taking an adequate amount of pictures for memories, I had my 1st ever bite of the Chocolate Ganache cake and it taste heavenly and magnificiently moist chocolate cake with its ever so rich ganache which is smooth and silky but not sweet! 
It's like eating something that came from chocolate heaven

Enjoyed every moment and every bite of it! 

Had their latte which is nice with a hint of acidity and bitterness that is just right.. Actually was slightly worried when it came without the sugar but I was lucky to have well brewed latte 

We also had their non-alcoholic mojito which is refreshing and just the right balance of sweetness and its peach syrup

After the cake, we still had the space to try some of their savoury items.. For now they have very limited selections and are selling pretty fast as well like their cakes.. They have 2 sets of menu which are the brunch and all day menu.. 

After deciding what to order, initially I wanted to order their oxtail soup for dinner but sadly it was finished.. They are really selling out fast that time with even the waffle was all sold out 

Finally I settled for their pancakes with whipped cream and blueberries.. 
Their portion is truly generous as their pancakes is really huge and has a light, airy and fluffy texture.. 

The pancake was made well as it felt like eating fluffy clouds of deliciousness with the whipped cream, sourness of the blueberries and the nutty crunchy toasted almonds which makes it so easy to eat.. But I only managed to eat 2 pieces of it as it was rather filling..

Verdict: Awesome and generous of the chocolate ganache cake
Great place for picture taking , meeting or dates 

Hopefully I can come back to try their other desserts

Ambience: 4/5

Sugar Rush
28 Jalan Dato Abu Bakar 16/1
Section 16 
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday- Sunday 

Close on Monday 


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