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Yeast, Midvalley

Bonjour ma cherie! 
Its been awhile since I had a nice relaxing time with my food.. 
Got to know about the opening of another outlet of Yeast! Rejoice! 

After much waiting for it to open in the Midvalley, we got to try their food to make a comparison whether its the same as their predecessor or slightly different.. 
This cafe is located at the same stretch of cafes and restaurants as the Antipodean, Delicious and so much more.. 

Here you have the option of dining outside or inside, we chose to dine inside which is quite spacious compared to the Bangsar outlet.. The exterior look of the cafe resembles alot like the ones in Paris but can't really hear any french music playing like the one in Bangsar..

After much observation and waiting to be seated, we were immediately greeted by their staff and whisked to the appropriate table.. Service was prompt considering that the build up of the number of people is increasing.. 

After much looking and reading the entire menu, I started off with a glass of latte.. Strong but satisfying..
Next came the mesclun salad which does resembles a caesar salad with just the right amount of runny egg yolk that is a sign of a well poached egg.. 

For me I had their duck confit for lunch.. Immediately saw this on the menu and dying to try it and because I miss the ones I had in Toulouse.. When it came, it look rather brown and flat.. 
The duck confit made here is slightly different as their skin isnt cripsy and the meat wasn't falling off the bone..
 Its still taste nice but not like the rich, sweet and falling off the bone duck confit I had from Toulouse.. That is still the best 

The other main option was the grilled barramundi fillet with black pepper and fries.. There isn't much to say about this.. Just a normal fish dish with a strong hit of black pepper at the back of the throat.. Rather dry as there isnt a sauce..

Lastly, we arrived to my favourite time which is Dessert time! 
When i'm in Yeast, it will be hard for me to decide what to have for dessert as every creation from this french bistro looks sexy and too beautiful to eat.. 

After much deliberation, we decided to go for a mini raspberry tart which looks so dainty and too pretty to eat them.. It is such a delight to eat this sourish yet tart tartlet which is made to perfection.. 

Just 1 tartlet isn't exactly enough, so we had another which is their mango tartlet and the amazing art work is their mango rose which showed such craft and creativity! 

How could I not miss the opportunity to eat my favourite chocolate tart from yeast! It would be a sin for me to do so.. 
I'm a happy girl with such amazing chocolate tart made with the best chocolate ever.. Smooth and silky with the right balance of sweet and bitter.. True perfection in every bite! 

Verdict: Desserts are their main attraction, service is prompt.. 
Still prefer the one in Bangsar

Ambience: 3/5

Yeast Boulangerie 

Opening Hours: 


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