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How is everyone? Well lately, our beautiful tropical country is so hot till you can sweat without doing anything physical! Ya it is the dry season all over again and you can see people fanning themselves constantly and some visiting the clinic and it's spreading like wild fire! 

Remember to stay hydrated! 

Well let's talk about this not so new place but still is actively on everyone's radar in terms of cooling off themselves which is PS TOKYO that is located in SS2, PJ..

We were pleasantly surprised that this SS2 area is truly a foodie spot to eat and be seen as there are endless options of restaurant to eat or to just have a cup of coffee with friends and  not to forget to visit their Pasar Malam (Night Market) which a food haven and the durian stall which is a crowd favourite to hang out and devour that King of fruit

Enough talk about the surrounding of the SS2 and let's focus back on the main man which is the PS TOKYO which is really a secluded shop that is really not so outstanding during the day and night as the shop looks really dark and black and the signage is really small but if you're a familiar with the SS2 area, you would be able to find this softserve cafe that is located on the 2nd floor of a nearby internet cafes and also the Sun Wing Heong BBQ shop..
So be sure to keep your vision sharp to spot this ice cream cafe! 

The entrance of this shop requires a short work out in climbing up the stairs to reach to a friendly and relaxing ambience and the cheerful greeting from their staff upon the arrival to their simplistic counter that has an attractive information of their offerings and a cake fridge that has all things Japanese! 

They do offer something savoury if you always wonder that it only have a sweet options! They also have some sets that is really value for money considering that you get a satisfying meal including desserts! 

The whole ice cream cafe is really calm and relaxing with free wifi to use but during the day this is a favourite spot for an instagram worthy pictures and also you can take some awesome pictures with your fellow buddies and have it printed out on the spot! A great place for gathering!

Let's refocus our attention back to the main thing which is the Soft serve! I have heard many amazing reviews online and from friends that this is the place to have their amazingly creamy, hand churned and fresh soft serve that truly represents all thing Japanese.. 
They do have 2 sizes to choose from either the Mini (RM8.90) and Regular (RM12.90)..

Matcha Mini (RM8.90)
The first flavour that were recommended to try is the Matcha and the lady from PS TOKYO advised us to have a mini size to try out as it is a really cute mini cup to have as a sampler and you can still have the space for some other flavours to try.. Well note that it may take awhile for the soft serve to arrive to your table as they will have to rechurn the softserve so please be patient!

The patience is well worth it as the texture of the soft serve still holds very well despite our extreme temperatures! The flavour of the matcha from this little cup is really a flavour burst in every scoop you eat as you will get a strong green and fresh  green tea flavour that is strong yet there is a balance of creamy, bitter and sweet happening in your palate..
 It is really delicious and one of their signature flavours! 
Hojicha Mini (RM8.90)
After a fantastic and creamy matcha mini, we still have room for another flavour to try out which is also the 2nd signature flavour; Hojicha (Roasted green tea with rice).. This is actually a popular flavour and you can find it in Japanese restaurant when you ask for a warm glass of tea.. This tea is really interesting as there is a strong yet subtle smoky flavour in the softserve but it was a great balance as there was also the creamy texture that comes along with the nutty and smoky notes of the rice and tea that is really bold yet well balanced to be enjoyed in every scoop.. 

The next thing we tried is the Mini series which is the softserve platter that has 4 mini size softserve being churned and presented for you to try as a sharing tasting platter that is great to have if you're a first timer here and with friends that is adventurous in terms of eating! 

Let's start the flavour adventure shall we!
So from the left we have the Matcha, Hojicha, Chocolate mess and Yuzu Milkshake.. 
Each of the softserve is really delicious and interesting like they have their own character which is bold yet inviting for your tastebuds..
Mini Series (RM33.90)
Let's Dissect them! 

 The most interesting one and also the seasonal in this platter is the Yuzu Milkshake which has a strong yet dominant citrusy flavour that really wakes you up and there was a crunchy texture in every mouthful that is popping candy that brought out the sweet and crunchy element in the eating experience of the Yuzu Milkshake.. 

The crowd favourite softserve in our books is the Chocolate Mess which is the chocolate softserve that is decorated with a salty crunchy pretzel snack and some mini fluffy marshmallows.. This chocolate softserve is really delicious with a burst of chocolate flavour that isn't overly sweet yet a hint of bitterness and it goes extremely well with the saltiness of the pretzel and the soft yet fluffy marshmallow and not to forget they also drizzled a thick chocolate sauce that just completes this softserve! 
This is the softserve that can satisfy every chocoholic!

Matcha Sesame (RM15.90)
"If you're trying to create a company, its like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion."- Elon Musk 
And this cake do resonates the above quote relatively well in their Japanese way!
 This Matcha Sesame slice of cake would make even Elon Musk sway into a dance with every element being layered so well! In the matcha sesame slice there is a layer of creamy and buttery cake based that is layered with a rich yet nutty black sesame that is being topped with a thick and cheesy layer that finally being crowned with a thin layer of bold matcha that goes swimmingly well in every bite but if alone then each of the layer is overpower.. 


A great Japanese dessert to have after lunch or dinner 
A great place to cool off
Great place for gathering 

Must Try: 
Chocolate Mess

Ambience: 3.5/5

80a, Jalan SS2/60, 
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours:

Tuesday- Friday 

Sat & Sun

03-7497 8074


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