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Strangers at 47 @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Bonjour ma cherie! I'm sure you know how hard it is to get a delicious and well made crepe let alone a decent one from anywhere in Kuala Lumpur!
Well the place in section 17 that goes by the name of The Strangers at 47 rings a familiar bell?
I have been meaning to try this crepe place for a very long time but when I heard they are going under the refurbishment stage and I was quite sad that I didn't have the chance to taste the delicious yet fantastic crepe.. 

After much patience, I'm beyond pleased that I finally given a chance to try out this crepe place which has people raving about their expert hands in crepe making! The moment you arrived to their doorstep, you will immediately see that they are quite the minimalist but with a relaxing vibe that's buzzing around the whole cafe and not to mention their friendly and quick witted staff which has the walking speed of the Usain Bolt that just shocks you sometimes.. 
Well crepes are a joy to have either for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for tea time! It's really a versatile based that fits for any occasions and sadly not many of them are relatively reasonable or enjoyable to eat.. Other than crepe, they do offer cakes.. 

Let's start the feast for the eyes or should I say the senses as their plating of every dish is truly a sensational experience for the eyes and the appetite.. 
So they do make it in either savoury or sweet crepes but for this visit we are having it for tea.. Hence, we went for their sweet rendition of the crepes.. Their menu is actually  a combination of influences from the malay flavours, some peranakan and even some western too and not to forget some of the Star Wars influence spotted in their menu.. 

After much analysis from their menu on both the sweet and savoury, we started our meal on the sweet side to see their skills and creativity in the interpretation of the east and west of such a dainty yet delicate dessert.. 

Kayaman (RM13)
The first crepe to start is the Kayaman.. It is really an interesting crepe creation made by the people of Strangers at 47 as this crepe dessert just shows their ability in combining the 2 elements into such a mouthwatering dish for us locals! 

The Kayaman consist of a delicate pandan coconut crepe that reminiscent to the Ketayap which is then filled with a generous spread of pandan custard alongside some goreng pisang pieces.. The crepe pocket is then being sprinkled with coconut flakes and finally it is drizzled with a ring of coconut cream, gula melaka and topped it with a lovely scoop of vanilla ice cream.. 

In terms of appearance, this crepe just looks mouthwatering to devour and also the description of this dish further excites our palate as there was a flavour and texture combination of creamy, sweet and crispy.. 
Now, in terms of taste, you would be amazingly caught off guard and surprised on how each element doesn't fight against each other for attention as they just sing a harmonious tune in every mouthful! 
The crepe is just nice and thin yet it was smooth and has a strong fragrance and presence of the pandan taste along side the pandan custard that was creamy yet savoury from the coconut and also a hint of salt and let's not forget the crispy delicate little jewels of the goreng pisang which was done so perfectly that still able to retain the sweet, soft and moist bananas together with the crispyness of the outer layer of the goreng pisang that goes swimmingly well with the vanilla ice cream and also the sweet and fragrant gula melaka (Palm sugar).. 

Really enjoyable in every mouthful as each texture and taste from the gula melaka (Palm sugar) that marries so well with the fragrant pandan crepe alongside the goreng pisang and the custard! 

Dark Side (RM11)
The 2nd sweet crepe that we tried is the Dark Side.. This is actually one of their signature crepe to have when you visit the Strangers at 47.. It is also known to be as the ultimate crepe dessert to have that able satiate every chocoholic desire! 

This Dark Side crepe is made with a dark chocolate crepe being filled with a dark chocolate spread and its being sprinkled with generous heaps of white chocolate curls and finally the chocolate crepe is drizzled with orange caramel and topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.. Surprisingly the dark chocolate crepe and its spread  doesn't crowd the whole dessert with it's bitterness but it enhances the whole dessert further with that citrusy notes and the sticky caramel that together brought out the amazing balance of bitter, sweet and salty notes and the ice cream gave the entire dessert a creamy sensation.. 

The people of Strangers are truly talented and a triple thread bunch as they are really adventurous in the aspects of coffee creation, sweet and savoury creations.. Their latest addition in their menu is the breakfast set that available during the mornings and also they bought amazing quality Houjicha from the people of NikonMatcha that conjures up a creamy and oozing stream of Hojicha Lava cake and their hojicha latte.. 

Let's get back to the 2nd part of our Strangers at 47 flavour exploration!! 

While scanning through their entire menu to try out in the savoury section, We really took a rather long time to decides as everything just sounds really yummy! After getting some advice from the friendly and warm people of Strangers; They recommended to try out the Uncle Salmon that is one of the crowd pleaser!

Uncle Salmon (RM28)
According to the lovely lady of Strangers, she told us that this plate of Uncle Salmon do fill you up if you're on the famish side for either lunch or dinner! After hearing that you could get alot out of the humble crepe of Salmon, we immediately gone for it and it's really worth every bite!

The crepe here is really beautiful and thin that is generously packed with amazing and fresh vegetables that is being coated in a tempura batter that promises you to have a fantastic experience in eating them! 
The Salmon is pan seared to perfection that presents itself a juicy, succulent and sweet yet moist salmon fillet that is surrounded with wonderfully crispy and crunchy root vegetables that is coated and fried beautifully to reveal a moist yet crunchy and sweet vegetable to complement the juicy and succulent salmon..

This dish is perfect for a hearty lunch or dinner as it really fills you up!
Shore to Please (RM22.50)
 The 2nd savoury crepe that caught our eyes from the list of unique crepe creation is the Shore to Please which is actually one of crowd favourites! 
Do note that they currently have improvised and included a section for spiced chicken which is quite reminiscent to the concept of Nando's..

Now! Let's get back to the Shore to Please and all it's explicit details about this crowd favourite crepe!

The Shore to Please in terms of portion wise, it fits nicely for a single diner with a small appetite as it wasn't as overwhelmingly packed as the one that we tried from the Uncle Salmon.. 
The presentation of this Shore to Please is really pleasing to the eyes and also mouthwatering for every seafood lover!
This savoury crepe is being filled with a cajun spiced fresh tiger prawns that is packed together crispy battered squid, sauteed spinach, caramelised onions and it is topped with the jewels that is roasted cherry tomatoes and a dust of salted egg yolk.. 

The descriptions of this savoury crepe just proved too good and too tantalizing to missed out! Thankfully we decided to try this out! As this is really look too beautiful to eat and the portion is really just nice that allows you to save some space for dessert later.. 
The crepe is really thin and beautifully made that has a silky texture to it and the prawn is perfectly cooked with that slight touch of the cajun spices which coats it like a second skin and not too dominant in terms of flavour.. The battered squid has a crispy outer layer that envelopes it like a second skin to protect and retains the moist texture of the squid which is absolutely magical..

All the elements being eaten together gave us a burst of flavor with the cajun spices from the prawns and the crispy texture of the squid that goes swimmingly well with the sweetness of the caramelised onions and the roasted cherry tomatoes and finally it is dusted with some salted egg yolk that when it is eaten together with the battered squid it gave us the flavour that reminiscent to the famous chinese fried squid with salted egg yolk.. 

To end the day with a sweet note! We had saved sufficient space to try out their latest creation in the Strangers' at 47 family is their Houjicha Lava Cake.. They got their houjicha that is specially sourced from the people of Nikonekomatcha.. 
This beautiful Lava Cake does require a 15 minutes waiting time as it is freshly baked upon the diner's order.. So it's better to have it when you're on your leisurely lunch, brunch or dinner.. The Houjicha lava cake is presented together wholemeal crumble, fresh blueberries and vanilla ice cream.. It's the classic pairing of hot and cold elements in the dessert.. 
Well I can tell you that it is really worth it to patiently wait for this little roasted beauty! As the moment it arrives to our table, it has this strong yet calming scent that just enticed you even more to devour it soon..
Houjicha Lava cake (RM17)
 The moment of truth lies in the cutting open that lava cake into half and it just gives you the feeling of happiness with that ease of cutting as it has a great balance between soft texture yet sturdy but not too dense and also there was a flowing river of Houjicha that just flows in rather slowly as it has a thick texture.. 
In terms of the cake texture, it is really soft and moist with a fluffy texture and the roasted tea flavour and the greenness of the tea doesn't overpower the palate and fighting among each other in every mouthtful.. It has this great balance of harmony in terms of the bitterness of the tea alongside the roasted rice which is the hallmark of the tea with the sweetness of the cake.. 

When you eat together with the wholemeal crumble, it brings out another layer of flavour as the sweetness and the sand like characteristics made the soft and supple houjicha cake to have this grainy texture when it was eaten together and also when it's together with the blueberries and vanilla ice cream it brought even more harmonious notes to the cake with a touch of acidity from the blueberries and the cool and creamy sensation from the ice cream that gives it an interesting contrast to the dessert!


An interesting and well thought crepe menu with interesting flavours and to die for sweet crepes. 
A must visit for an afternoon of crepes and their lava cake.. 
A great place for lunch or brunch if you don't feel like having it for dinner.. 
Reliable wifi and comfortable seating 

A must try: 

Dark Side
Uncle Salmon
Houjicha Lava Cake 

Ambience: 4/5

Strangers at 47
47, Jalan 17/45
Section 17
Petaling Jaya 

Opening Hours: 


Saturday & Sunday 

Closed on Tuesday 


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