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Corblimey British Fish & Chips @ SS15, Subang Jaya

"You can't go wrong with fish and chips."- Michael Sandel
Allo you lovely people! Whenever you think of fish and chips you would relate it to the British Isle.. Yes! We and everybody else on the planet just has this obsession with the famous british dish which is the Fish & Chips being wrapped in newspaper and comes with a side of mushy pies or coleslaw! 

Usually this kind of delicacy would only be available in Britain or the nearest country to have this crunchy chippie would be in Australia! They do have that strong love for the Fish & Chips!
I know it's far and expensive just to get a pack of that good and crispy chippie.. Fret not people! As the Chippie decided to make Malaysia to be exact Subang Jaya (SS15) their 2nd home and we were overjoyed! 
You can actually reach them with the LRT Train station of SS15 and it requires a little walk to reach them.. 

After much walking under the hot Malaysian sun, we managed to find it and arrived on it's doorstep which has a really simple exterior and a sky blue signage that has the CorBlimey name and the United Kingdom flag! We are really excited as we can finally try out the most authentic fish and chips without the expanse of travelling.. 

The atmosphere here is really simple as the moment you enter the eatery, you will be greeted with a counter with a blackboard being attached to the wall with an array of amazing British dishes other than the Fish & Chips.. The guy which is the cashier and also the server for the entire restaurant is really friendly and helpful as he ushered us into the table which is decorated with a british flag and then we were presented with a simple menu that is a straightforward guide on making your own fish & chips which is excellent!

They do have starters if you're hungry and also they have a sumptuous sharing platter for a couple with huge appetite or you can get a sharing platter for a party of 4 which we had the pleasure of capturing it from another family table and it really is value for money for a group party! Be sure to come with more people and also with an extreme appetite to devour those sharing platters.. 

Alright! Let's focus back on the main purpose we are here today which is the Fish & Chips! 
They actually have steps in creating your own fish & chips plate.. 

Let us walk you through it: 
Step 1)
Choose your fish from their list 

Step 2)
Choose your batter 

Step 3)
Choose your sides 

Step 4) 
Choose your sauce 
(This is actually basically up to you as it requires a fee of RM1.50)

So after that educational steps on customizing your own chippie, we had decided and customized it! We are really excited on how it's going to taste like as there is an array of varieties in terms of flavour in terms of batter, sauce and type of fish on the list that would make it an interesting dish to enjoy! 

Butterfish Fish & Chips with coleslaw (RM29)
Well for my customized fish and chips are made with Butterfish which has the lemon and herb fish batter.. To complete this fish and chips plate, I opted for a chunky coleslaw with the classic fish and chip dipping sauce; the tartare sauce..  The butterfish is really perfectly cooked with that juicy and buttery texture on the fish that has a touch of the lemony zing on the marination as well.. The chips is really crispy and not oily or dry! But if you aren't a fan of the lemon and herb, you should  try the combination of the onion and garlic as this really brings more depth of flavour to the fish!

Snapper  Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas (RM27)
My eating partner opted for a snapper as the protein that is covered with a plain batter that also comes alongside a petite portion of mushy peas! Yes, he has fulfilled his authentic fish and chips fantasy! 

From his expression, you can witness that he has the most incredible yet private time with his crafted fish and chip plate of snapper that was juicy on the inside yet moist and the batter on the inside just puffs up that shows the batter was made airy enough to provide crunchy and light texture which protects the fish like a second skin! According to him, the side is a must try as well as the mushy peas is really sweet yet creamy that it's worth to have it alone! His plate is really clean and pristine! Approval from him that this Fish and Chip is the best! 

The next thing that we tried from the CorBlimey Special's which is their Pies.. There is a catch to eating this as this english pie's are only made available on Friday- Sunday and subject to its availability as there was 2 renditions of its pies which are the Chicken and Mushroom Pie & the Creamy Fisherman's Pie.. Sadly for this visit we are only given the opportunity to try out just the Creamy Fisherman's Pie.. But we are still game to try it out!

Creamy Fisherman's Pie (RM 28)

The Fisherman's Pie is a traditional dish that has a great sense of belonging and fond memories to the British Cuisine. Well like the name of the dish suggests, the pie is made with fish and usually made with fishes like cod, haddock or halibut and its actually regarded as a snack item or even as an appetizer before the main course. 
But this day and age we would even have this dish as a main course itself!!

Well it may take some time to wait for the lovely pie to be out of the oven and be presented with all it's glory on our table.. The moment it arrives, it was pipping hot and it greatly reminiscent to the appearance of the other fond british pie that was the Beef pie with its luxurious mash potatoes as the protective layer which protects the fillings in retaining its juicy flesh.. 
This Creamy Fisherman's pie is accompanied by the sauteed vegetables which is really delicious and well seasoned.. The fisherman's pie has this thick and creamy layer of mash potatoes that is really delicious yet light and airy with a few surprises of corn and other diced carrots in it alongside the peas.. 
After much enjoyment eating the upper layer, then we finally reached to the bottom layer which has the cod and prawns in a dill scented milk bath that keeps them moist and juicy! The prawns even though aren't much in the pie but they are reasonably delicious and juicy with a hint of the creamy texture of the milk and the refreshing scent from the dill.. The cod is also very moist and juicy but towards the end of the bowl, the fishes do get a wee bit saltier on the palate.. 

Deep Fried Mars Bar with Ice cream (RM15)
After having an excellent and well made fish and chips meal, we moved on to the dessert part of the meal and also there is a separate menu for the desserts and you would be able to spot the classics that was made famous by the British! 
Amongst them is the Deep Fried Mars Bars with Ice Cream.. This is something unique that we really am excited to try it! 
Finally we managed to find an eatery that does this decadent dessert! It's a rarity in KL to find one and we just got to have it! So for this visit, we decided to try out their Mars Bar but you also has the option of getting their Snickers being fried instead of the Mars.. For us, we decided to go for their Mars Bars to be deep fried.. 
This dessert also has a relatively long waiting time as their fried desserts are made by order; hence the long waiting time but the long waiting time is a worthy wait as the outcome is really delicious and sinful! The portion of this dessert is quite petite and great for sharing after a sumptuous and hearty fish and chips or pies.. 
The Mars Bars are prepared in a cube size and it is fried with a batter that is similar to the batter that is used for frying the fish for fish and chips! 
The batter has coat the mars cube like a second skin and it is really crispy and airy with a crunchy texture.. The sweetness and the chocolate exterior of the mars are being retained very well by the second skin like coating of the cube..  Please be aware that this dessert is really sweet and decadent! Thankfully the vanilla ice cream with a chocolate dressing is a great relief for the overload of sugar rush from the caramel of the mars bars.. 


An authentic yet relaxing place to have great fish and chips the british way! 

They have a platter for 2 or 4 person


Must Try: 
Deep Fried Mars Bars 
Fish & Chips - Butterfish 
Mushy peas

Corblimey British Fish & Chips 

23, Jalan SS15/4, 
Subang Jaya 

03-5511 3358

Opening Hours:

Tuesday- Thursday 


Closed on Monday


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