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Paperfish @ TTDI

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Well everyone is really into the whole healthy eating band wagon and for foodies like us; it's relatively truly that we do have to put in a balance between indulging all the rich and delicious yet naughty food and having something healthy and great for the body once in a while.. 

So we heard rather much about the latest food trend which is the Poke Bowl! 

Fun Fact about Poke Bowl:
Poke means "to slice or cut" in Hawaiian & refers to chunks of raw and marinated fish- usually tuna -which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and umami packed sauces.- People Food 

They do offer plenty of different renditions of poke bowl being created by the people of Paperfish.. 

There is actually a step in enjoying a bowl of Poke which they called it as the 4 simple steps! 

Step1) Pick your protein (Salmon/Tuna/ Shrimp)

Step2) Pick your base (Brown or white rice/ baby greens / Quinoa {additional RM1.90)

Step3) Top up with Superfood or toppings 

Step4) Complete the meal with drinks either something can or coconut or even a refreshing green tea

Let's start with the poke adventure! 
Our poke meal (Round 1)
You're actually required to order your bowls at the counter that has the complete menu and also a bar that has an array of toppings! So after much studying and pondering with the choices to have, we finally decided to opt for a Tropical Tuna with baby greens as the base and Heat Wave with baby greens as the base.. 

After the payment, you will be called by your name to collect your darling poke bowls! Yes everything here is mainly self service, so don't expect any service been given to you upon your arrival to the restaurant.. There is also a huge side station just located at the corner that has your drinks if you've ordered for either a hot or cold green tea and various combinations of sauces for you to further spice up your poke bowl experience! 

Tropical Tuna (RM17.90)
First up is the Tropical Tuna Poke Bowl.. For this fun poke bowl, we opted for their Baby greens as the base.. This tropical tuna is one of the creations from their Tuna Poke Series.. It is actually one of the poke creations that has an array of textures and flavours to make this tuna less dull and more fun! 

The Tropical tuna consist of carrot, cherry tomatoes, pineapple , edamame and sweet corn..
 I was really excited to try this out and the first bite is seriously satisfactory as the tuna was marinated in its shoyu that has brought out the umami flavour and it goes amazingly well with the sourish notes and crunchy texture from the pineapple alongside the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes and also the sweet corn.. It is really refreshing and enjoyably good on a hot summers day!

Heat Wave(RM 17.90)
The 2nd poke bowl that we had called is the Heat Wave and it is actually the poke bowl with a lot of heat as the name suggest! So if you're a huge fan of chili or just love the spicy sensation in your food, this is the bowl to go!

This Heat Wave which is available under the Salmon poke series.. This poke bowl has a spicy and creamy sensation from the Salmon and it goes together with the cherry tomatoes, edamame, onions and sweet corn.. For this poke bowl we opted for baby greens as the base.. The salmon marination does really packed with bold characters that goes amazingly well with the other textures from the edamame which is sweet! 
Umami Shoyu Salmon (RM16.90)
The 3rd poke bowl is the Umami Shoyu Salmon which is the most sought after poke bowl flavour combination of Paperfish.. This is actually a great poke to try out if you're a first timer to this healthy food trend or even if you aren't the biggest fan of consuming raw seafood.. 

This poke in my opinion is really the basic poke to try out as it really has a strong emphasis on the freshness of the Salmon and being that the marination of the salmon is really simplistic that is where the strong Japanese influence kicks in!

In this salmon poke bowl, we opted for a brown rice as the base that goes swimmingly well with their toppings and also the shoyu salmon.. The shoyu salmon has an amazing balance of flavours as we would expect it to be really salty from the soy sauce as the main marination liquid but to our surprise the saltiness is quite subtle and it somehow managed to marry with the other components that is in the bowl itself.. The japanese cucumber and the edamame gives the marinated salmon a crunchy 
This bowl is really reminiscent to the salmon maki or hand roll that we normally would order in the Japanese sushi restaurant.. 

Well they do have dinner set if you're always dining with 2 and you can enjoy great deals with healthy food! 

The last poke bowl that we tried from their Superfood category is called CadoBowl which is the only poke bowl that is purely vegetarian.. It is the only bowl that you wouldn't find any presence of prawns in it unless you place some additional toppings into it.. The cado bowl is heavily inspired with the ever popular trend of the lovely yet creamy and buttery Avocado! 

This bowl is packed with layers of different texture and also fresh and raw ingredients that would be an ideal bowl for a cleanse day! The presentation is really vibrant and you can have the option of adding other toppings like a crispy salmon skin or even more avocado which I would recommend you to add on if you're an avid avocado lover.. 
The bowl is layered with shredded carrots, beautifully cut cherry tomatoes, cute japanese cucumber that brings out the freshness and finally it is topped off with sweet ripe mango and sweet corn! The both crowning glory of the bowl has brought another flavour dimension and also sweetness towards the whole bowl with it's natural honey like sweetness.. The creaminess of the avocado is really delicious on it's own but it goes amazingly well with the mango and the baby greens (which is the base)! 

Cado Bowl (RM15.90)

A place if you're looking for a cleanse or just to satiate your appetite with simple and clean food within the TTDI area 

Must Try: 
Umami Shoyu Salmon 
Cado Bowl

Ambience: 3/5

26, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours:


603-2385 0007


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