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Hale Healthy Fast Food Restaurant @ Menara Hap Seng KL

Hey everyone! 
As the saying goes health is wealth, that's what is happening to our community now which are ever conscious of the food we eat and the affects that they contribute to our general health.. 

There is always the debate of our generation being the unhealthy generation as we generally populate more on the fast food joints for a quick meal during the lunch break or even after work as it provides us the convenience and the simplicity that we need without going thru the fuss of making the food ourselves!

And having those fast food which is actually a junk food without any nutritional values has lead to the emergence of the concept of Healthy Fast Food or healthy food joints that do provide the simplicity and convenience that we usually get and hence, we welcome the Hale Healthy Fast Food Restaurant to the food and beverage scene of KL! 

Well, this place has been around for some time now as they are quite well known amongst the KL work community that populate that restaurant for their as the restaurant name suggests which a healthy version of a fast food option with an affordable price.. 

They also do provide delivery within the KL vicinity including the KL Sentral vicinity! So office people you got another alternative to have for your work week lunch.. It's really convenient! Just head on to their website:

Their restaurant isn't really huge as they have indoor and outdoor seating.. Bare in mind the outdoor seating is actually inside the building but not in the restaurant.. It's just facing the restaurant..

Anyways, they have a relative extensive menu of different categories but each category has a few selection for you being either a chicken, beef or lamb..
They comes in either a burger, wrap or salad bowl, pasta.. You can find a few options of healthy sides and dessert that they praised themselves of making it themselves and from scratch..

Australian Grass-Fed Beef Burger (RM16.90)
The first thing that we decided to try is the Australian Grass-Fed Beef Burger which according to the people of Hales is that their bun is freshly baked and made by hand.. We went along with their set that consists of burger with protein of your choice that comes with a side and a drink.. It is well thought out set that just completes your lunch cravings with healthy food.. 

Let's try the burger shall we? 

The burger bun is really light and fluffy and it's not really a flat and heavy kind.. Well kudos to them for a well made bun.. Next, their burger is packed with a layer of freshly ground and patted beef patty which is a healthier patty in comparison to the generic fast food as they boast about their patty containing less fat and it is then being dressed with a layer of melted cheddar cheese alongside a slice of tomato and lettuce that completes of with a sufficient amount of Hale dressing that is similar to caesar salad dressing.. 

The burger looks really nice but sadly looks is really deceiving as the beef patty is rather on the drier side and it wasn't exactly really juicy.. Other than that, the other elements packed in the burger didn't bring out or enhance the burger eating experience.. The side which is the baked waffle fries that is really crispy and hard.. 

I would prefer more varied in terms of texture and ingredients in the burger.. On the bright side is their Juice which we had was the Refreshing Red that is made with watermelon & mint that is super refreshing to drink! 
It's really a light lunch for anyone that is looking for something that isn't going to make them sleepy.. 

Me By Hale 
They have created the Me by Hale for the creative individuals that just love to compose a fantastic symphony of flavours into their healthy meal like how the mighty and ever talented Beethoven would be like in composing their great symphonies for his own enjoyment.. 
Well, I quite like this idea as healthy meal shouldn't be all boring as how I look at it as an avenue for you to play around with different ingredients  with various texture and flavours that would make it a rather personal yet fun and delicious bowl of food! 

They have a bar on display that is filled with different ingredients to choose from.. If you aren't sure what to go for or to create, there are also composed dishes that is available for you to try..
Other than that, they do have a creative sequence or steps that acts like a guide for you to compose your delightful symphony of flavours..

Well we opted for a Salad bowl with seared beef  .. In terms of visual it does looks beautiful and colourful as for the portion wise, there were more rice in comparison to their condiments which may leave your bowl look rather unfinished.. This bowl was based with a nicely cooked brown rice that is topped with chopped lettuce and purple cabbage, chopped tomatoes, sauteed mushroom and crunchy corns alongside seared beef.. 

In terms of taste and texture if you had it individually it taste really good but if mixed together you may start to lose some of them.. The seared beef was a disappointment as it was chewy and dry to be enjoyed.. 

An alternative for a fast food lover with a healthier twist
They do delivery for the KL vicinity  

Ambience: 3/5

Hale Healthy Fast Food Restaurant 
Lot1-20, First Floor, 
Menara Hap Seng 
Jalan P Ramlee 
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 


Closed on Sunday 


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