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VCR @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

The cafe scene in KL is really and truly buzzing and flying to new heights with cafe mushrooming everywhere in the whole of Kuala Lumpur.. 
The rate of it mushrooming makes it rather impossible to visit them all! But at least it makes it more competitive and also to push the cafe owners to be more creative in attracting the masses to your humble little cafe with appealing yet creative concepts.. 

But there is a cafe that has truly stay humble with its compact yet expressive menu that has strong inspiration from either famous musicians or just inspired from the land of great brunches; Australia! 

I do love that country especially Melbourne for it's artistry in coffee brewing and also they have perfected the craft of making excellent, scrumptious and mouth watering brunch dishes that makes you wanting more! 

Thankfully we don't need to spend a huge fortune in going to Melbourne as there are some coffee loving folks that brought the magic of Melbourne's sunday brunch to KL.. The wonderful folks of VCR first started off with their instagram spot HQ in Pudu! 
And it has an immense support from the locals with great comments about this lovely hideout located in the bustling town of Kuala Lumpur.. 

After much waiting of the visit to their HQ in Pudu, they have finally heard the calling of the masses and they have decided to expand their magic to Bangsar! We were really excited for the opening as it means that we don't need to travel to Pudu area and also we don't have to feel congested in a small cafe.. 

We were greeted warmly with their ever friendly servers that so eager to welcome us to their humble little cafe! The whole layout is really simple yet attractive to the eyes.. The menu is actually at the cashier and you can just immediately order your food and drinks and pay.. 

You can enjoy the whole spacious ambience of the whole cafe with wifi and comfortable seating! 
After a short wait, our brunch dishes finally graced their presence to our table by the smiling servers.. 
Avocado Toast (RM20)
The first brunch to arrive is the Avocado Toast which is one of the most popular dish from the all day section and a fan favourite! I'm also a huge fan of the avocado which is also a widely used and sought after ingredient for it's great nutritional values! You can find avocados everywhere in their markets alone and it's huge and affordable for it's worth!

Let's get back to the avocado toast shall we!
So this toast consist of a house made sourdough toast that is spread generously with the luscious and creamy avocado toast which is accompanied by a sumptuous combination rain of feta cheese & quinoa and it is finally being crowned with a beautifully made sunny side up and a sprinkle of pomegranate gems! The description itself is really enticing and mouthwatering that made us chose this dish without any hesitation..

The presentation of this dish is really majestic against the dark plate.. And the color contrast with each of the element is really popping out and amazing! The first bite of the avocado and the sourdough toast is really amazing as you can get the nutty characteristics from the toast alongside the creaminess of the avocado that is seasoned fantastically well with the addition of the feta cheese that brings out the umami taste in the toast.. The sunny side is done at utmost perfection as the egg yolk is still beautiful and runny!  

VCR Big Breakfast (RM35)
The 2nd brunch dish to grace with its presence it's the VCR Big Breakfast.. The big breakfast dish is a really famous staple in every cafe in Melbourne and also in all the KL's cafe.. Like everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they have given a variety of approaches in their interpretations of the Big Breakfast!

Let's take a bite of the VCR's version of the big breakfast!
In terms of portion, this big breakfast is relatively generous and huge but to my dining partner that has great expectation of it was slightly disappointed.. Sometimes looks can be deceiving and we moved pass the appearance of it into the taste aspect..

Like the saying goes; Don't judge a book by it's cover!
And so we did that, the big breakfast is a house made stewed beans, chicken chipolata, grilled tomatoes mushroom friccasse, two poached free range eggs that sits comfortably on a piece of sourdough bread with a thick slices of beef bacon..
The eggs are beautifully poached with a runny yolk which is an exemplary  sign of mastery at work and the egg is perfectly cooked and still warm despite leaving it the best for last..

French Toast (RM24)
 From the All day menu, we came to try their French Toast! Well this is a classic and no brainer kind of brunch menu that is always making it's feature in the menu..

The most important question would be; Will VCR able to deliver us an amazing plate of French Toast like how the Aussie are proud of ?

The moment of truth doesn't have to wait too long to find out as after the well crafted  latte by their talented baristas then comes the presence of such a beauty which is the French Toast! In terms of presentation of this beautiful sweet brunch treat is really amazing yet colourful! It is really photogenic and it's looks mouthwatering delicious.. 
This French toast consist of a fluffy brioche french toast that is really fluffy and not too soggy and it was topped off with a generous scoop of Espresso no churn ice cream that melts relatively fast with our extreme heat.. All this fluffy and creamy elements are accompanied by a dollop of robust yet sourish raspberry compote alongside a bed of crumbles and mocha sauce at the bottom of the crumbles.. 
When it is all eaten together, each element of the french toast comes together and creates fireworks of flavours that would just continue to dance in your mouth after awhile.. The fluffiness of the french toast is really full of flavour yet buttery and the ice cream isn't overly sweet yet it retains that hint of roasted beans and bitterness of it in the ice cream that makes it really creamy whereas the crumble is the one that crowns the whole french toast together with its crunchy texture alongside the mocha sauce that is the sticky sauce that ties it all harmoniously.. 

The King & Black Velvet 
To end our leisurely brunch, we had 2 types of cakes to enjoy with our nicely brewed latte.. We took the cake recommendation of the friendly VCR people and they had rave reviews of The King & Black Velvet.. 

The King which is one of the hallmark creations in the VCR cafe.. This cake is truly inspired by the late great Elvis Presley that is crazy madly in love with banana and peanut butter..
 The cake is layered with chocolate covered banana slices which is sandwiched with layers of soft and moist banana cake that is beautifully coated with thick layers of peanut butter frosting and with a fine yet crumbly rain of peanut nibs.. 
It does sounds extremely sinful flavours and textures in a cake but I can tell you that it is worth every calorie as the moment we dived in that cake for the first bite.. It was sinfully good!! 
As the thick layer texture of the peanut butter acts like this luxurious coat that you wear as the outer layer of the outfit with a creamy and nutty texture that goes well with the moist chocolate cake.. The moist yet not extremely sweet layers of cake do goes extremely well with the sweetness of the bananas that is covered in melted chocolate.. All this combinations of texture and flavours would make you go back for more! 

The 2nd cake that we tried alongside the The King is the Black Velvet.. It does sounds extremely mysterious and I was rather skeptical because I'm not a big fan of the Red Velvet cake creation.. Well I asked the friendly server and she highly recommends this cake as their second most popular cake.. 

This is actually their creative rendition of a red velvet cake with a special twist which is the switch of red velvet cake with a moist cocoa-based cake that has a dark tint on the cakes and it is covered with a luxurious layer of frosting.. This cake is really unique as the cake is really moist with that amazing balance between the bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness and creaminess from the frosting.. 

Great place for a relaxing sunday Brunch or even to catch with friends or family 
Must try their cakes!

Must Try: 
The King 
Black Velvet 
Avocado Toast
French Toast 

Service: 4/5

VCR Bangsar 
31, Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur 

Opening Hours: 

03-2110 2330


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