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Uroko @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

In section 17 Petaling Jaya is really famous for it's single area that is heavily populated with numerous independent restaurants ranging from the French to the Japanese.. It is truly is a cultured street which houses amazing food along it's affordable price.. Well this Japanese restaurant that has been the house whole name for it's great quality of seafood and it's Japanese atmosphere that brings not only joy to your belly and it doesn't burn your pocket with an astronomically gigantic hole.. 

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor and it's really easy to spot despite it's darken roof but the building has plastered a huge signage with it's name on it! To get to this Japanese haven is either you're willing to walk up the stair case to get your tummy rumbling or if you're feeling rather lazy or lack of energy from the day fasting to get to this haven; you can opt for their lift which will whisk you straight to Japan with it's warm and friendly greeting and smiles!

The whole restaurant is actually really spacious and there is 2 private rooms which are really huge and can accommodate a huge birthday party! There is also high stool bar seating and also the usual tables around the restaurant.. If you love to witness all the action of the chefs at the Sushi counter, you may request to seat at the Sushi counter! It is really amazing to watch the chefs at work and preparing those delectable sushi or sashimi! 

If you're lucky, you may witness the chefs skill in filleting the huge fish into individual sections or slices of carefully fillet sashimi! Not to forget; they do have a sake bar too so that you can truly immerse yourself in the Japanese way of dining! 

After much introduction of the whole restaurant. we were then ushered into our seats which is the Sushi Counter seats at the counter and it has this amazing view of the chefs at work and also the surrounding of the zen like atmosphere of the restaurant at work with their ever friendly staffs!

Well for this visit, we venture into the Omakase territory! Well it is our first time in trying out such dining as you would know that not many Japanese restaurants in KL or PJ would offer omakase with an affordable price! 

Omakase means entrust which is actually we as the diners giving the full trust to the Chefs to create and surprise the diners with amazing and delightful dishes that would blow your mind away! 

Luckily the Uroko happens to have the Omakase course with a choice of RM150, RM250 & RM350 per pax.. Their Omakase is basically based on the price your paying and also the chefs decision on how many courses you're having for dinner. 

Salmon Truffle Salad (RM22)
 After seated, we were immediately start the Omakase with a delightfully plated Salmon Truffle Salad.. The wait for this beautiful salad wasn't long as the servers were really excited and prompt in their delivery for us to be enjoyed and whisked away to Japan! This salad is actually available in their ala carte menu.. So don't you worry about not being able to savour it.. The presentation of this salad is truly breathtaking as it has a vibrant array of colours which is also being accompanied by an array of textures! The Salmon was dusted with specks of truffle and its dressing which was really light and not too oily! The first bite of the greens alongside the generous cut of salmon was truly divine as you get a crunchy texture alongside the meatiness of the salmon and it has a touch smoky and earthy notes from the truffle! 

Edamame, Eihire, Fugu Mirin Boshi  
With such an amazing yet mind blown starter , we were then being surprised again from the servers with its 2nd course of the Omakase which is the plate of trio; To start (left to right) and the eating sequence is from the left to the right- Edamame which is one of my favourites. This crunchy little beans are beautifully cooked and it has the suitable balance of salt to give this plain ol' bean a distinctive umami taste to it..
 Next, we move on to the center of the platter which is the Grilled ray fins. This is actually a delicacy for most of us as it's an acquired taste.. If it's done right, you will get a tender mouthful which doesn't require a lot of muscle to tear it apart and it's like eating Chinese BBQ meats that we are famously having it as a snack during the Chinese New Year festivities.. 
Thankfully they have done it extremely well! They managed to grilled the ray fin which has not much of fat and be able to retain its texture to be too rubbery.. The ray fin has an interesting smoky note to it and it was moist yet contains a layer of fat to make this ray fin like eating a candy as it has a sweet note at the very end! 
Thirdly, we moved on to the next and final element of this platter; Dry Puffer fish which is one of the most toxic fish if not carefully prepared. We were rather intrigued the moment the server introduced each of the elements on the plate and especially this one as we rarely encounter such a fish in KL.. Despite it being a dried fish, it somehow retains the layer of moisture and fat in the flesh and it was really enjoyable to eat it with the mayonnaise and even as it is! It was really balance with its savouriness and the end sweet mild caramel note to it! 

Every course is truly carefully crafted and thought after and we aren't done yet as we are immediately being brought to the freshness of its seafood with this plate of beautifully sashimi of seafood.. Well for this, they have recommended that we start from the lightest texture and mouthfeel to the fattiest.. We are truly excited and can't contain our happiness! 

The portion was really generous and we were really excited as we saw one of our favourite cuts are in this plate.. Well we started from the Scallop which is really fresh and delicate and also has this sweet note on its flesh! Next we moved on to the Butterfish which is actually one of my favourites! I loved it as it has this buttery texture with a meaty mouthfeel.. From the buttery butter fish, we moved on the Kampachi (Amberjack) which is also one of the more well known cuts of sashimi.. Their kampachi is has a combination layer of fat and flesh which is really enjoyable and not too fishy to be enjoyed with a touch of wasabi and shoyu.. After a refreshing slice of Kampachi,we went to try their Salmon Belly which is one of the cuts that has a marbling of fat along its flesh and it has a medium weight of mouthfeel to it..
Finally, we arrived to the holy grail of all sashimi cuts which is the Toro!!
 If you're looking for something luscious and delicate, this is the cut of sashimi
Foie Gras Special (RM35)
After the refreshing and buttery 3rd course is really mindblowingly delicious, we've moved to the most surprising and petite course of the entire meal which is the Foie Gras Special! This will literally make your heart skips a beat with it's really simplistic yet majestic presentation.. This petite heart stopper is really suitable for sharing!
The Foie gras is served on top of a steamed daikon with a thinly sliced oyster mushroom and it is dressed in a special dressing sauce that is really full of depth and flavour.. The foie gras is really buttery and creamy with the bitterness of the daikon that complement each other really well! 
Wagyu Special (RM170)
The 5th course in the omakase which is just the midway of it is their Meat course!
We were pleasantly surprised with the encounter of Wagyu Special! Wagyu has been a dream of mine to taste and enjoy the most treasured meat which is 2nd to Kobe!
We were over the moon to be greeted by their 5th course which features the Wagyu beef that is prepared just simply with pan seared with a generous heap of seasoning and it was plated elegantly with a dash of salt, some slices of fried garlic and a paste and finally the wagyu that was sitting under a bed of greens..

 The plating was telling us the story of it's preparation with the journey being plated such a way.. After much documentation of this beautiful dish, we dived in to our first ever piece of the wagyu beef that was carefully portion out and cut into cube like that shows the Chef attention to detail and wanting us to have a full experience of this course! 
It may seem very simple in terms of it's preparation but the simplest thing in life is actually the hardest to achieve and it does reflect on this dish.. The first bite was really monumental and remarkable as the fat marbling of this cube of wagyu just melts effortless into the palate as it gave out a buttery and creamy sensation on the palate and the meat was really tender and well seasoned! The different elements on the plate help to further enhance the meat with the addition of the salt that brought out the umami and the smoky flavour of the meat whereas the fried garlic brought out the crunchy texture to this buttery beef cube.. Truly a superb experience!

From the rich and fatty goodness of the wagyu special that we had the pleasure in eating, we are happily greeted with a beautiful presentation of the Scallop soup that came in pipping hot and fiery with a portable heat stand that continuously illuminating the brightness and warmth of the broth.. 

Scallop Soup 
The presentation of the scallop soup is really unique and eye catching despite it's simplicity.. With simplicity in their presentation that truly represents the Japanese pride and way of their culinary, we are really ecstatic on trying out this soup that may look simple but it takes artistry to get the perfect balance of flavour in this bowl of broth..
The moment of truth came when we got to try out the first spoonful of this broth! The first spoonful of broth we had was truly spectacular as it was really intense with the balance of the salty with the back taste of the scallop that was subtle and the root vegetables that was really helping to give this broth a back bone of flavour and the oomph! The scallop was sliced thinly but it was cooked beautifully with tenderness and the sweet flesh..
Eel with uni and egg white foam
After such a lovely clear and flavourful soup and it's unique presentation, we are greeted with yet another lovely seafood course! Aren't Japanese way of handling seafood is the best! They really focus the attention to detail really amazing that they just want to emphasize the freshness of the ingredients that truly makes the food enjoyable! 

For this course we are greeted with a rather unique and molecular like presentation which is the Steamed Eel that is being topped off with a cloud of egg white and dotted with roe and uni which are accompanied by the petite mushrooms! How adorable the presentation is that you just felt the effort and time being placed in crafting out each element of this dish.. The flavourful combination is really unique and very playful with various texture to be felt in every spoonful  as you get the creaminess from the uni and the fluffy and airy sensation from the egg white cloud and the meaty and clean taste of the steamed eel that is really smooth that was swimming in a shallow broth that has a combination of umami and the earthy notes from the mushroom and the clean flavours of the eel..
Kampachi,Salmon, Eel
With that lovely and rich yet innovative course, we are being wowed and transported to the Shujiki Markets with it's delicate and beautifully hand made Sushi course which is the hallmark of the Chef's skills.. We were actually quite stuffed but when those dainty little sushi graced us with their sensual yet majestic beauty to our table and we were thinking why not just meet them and enjoy them more! 

After being  introduced by their friendly server on the 3 different sushi and they also has advised us to start from the lightest to the richest or in this case the smokiest.. So we started it from the left to the right like how it was plated.. 
Mekajiki which is really refreshing and light, not too fishy but it has a great ratio of the fat and flesh in it that made it really enjoyable on its own.. The 2nd sushi that we have is the Salmon which is one of my all time favourites! 
The Salmon is really fresh and delightful with a sort of meatiness that is really enjoyable and not too overpowering on the palate.. 
Here comes the moment we have been waiting for and that is the Unagi or Eel! This is actually a fish that has a lean meat and it doesn't intrigued or excites people to try it out! But we are adventurous type of people and we love and enjoy the wonders of Japanese cuisine.. So we were rather delighted with the presence of the Unagi in their platter and it was fantastically well prepared with the element of smoked into it that has brought more depth and dimension to the sushi! 

Yuzu Sorbet (RM10)
The last course in this Omakase dinner is the Dessert that features the ever popular and loved; Yuzu Sorbet.. This is served after the sushi course was done.. The Yuzu sorbet is also available in their ala carte menu.. Their yuzu sorbet is really delicious that is bursting with citrusy and candied lemon notes on the palate and in every mouthful is really delightful as it has this amazing balance of both the tartness and the sweetness that makes us enjoying every spoonful of it!

Plum Jelly (RM12)
This final dessert that we had which is actually available in their ala carte menu.. This particular dessert has intrigued us based on it's name itself which is the Plum Jelly.. This plum jelly contains alcohol which is the Japanese plum wine or umeshu.. This dessert is really an amazing palate relief from those 9 extremely amazing course which has varying of textures and flavours.. 
So we ordered this plum jelly to end the beautiful dinner! 

The wait for this plum jelly isn't long as within minutes, the plum jelly grace its presence to our tables with it's rather pungent yet fragrant plum wine aroma and to our surprise; it is quite pleasant and not too overwhelming to our palates with it's alcoholic bitter back taste.. The jelly has a really firm yet delicate and smooth texture on the palate and it wasn't overly sweet! Truly enjoyable dessert!


High quality Japanese food with a reasonable price! 
The service is really amazing and the food is absolutely delicious!

Must Try: 
Plum Jelly
Salmon Truffle Salad 
Wagyu Special 
Assorted Sashimi
Scallop Soup

Ambience: 3/5

Must Try:
Foie Gras Surprise 
Salmon Truffle Salad 
Plum wine Jelly 

2nd Floor, No 22A-1, 
Jln 17/54 (Section 17),
Petaling Jaya,


Opening Hours:




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