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delicious day in Ipoh

It was pretty long time ago.. sorry for the delay but it must be shared (that's what I felt).. So i'm going to tell you about the time I had in Ipoh.. it was a foodie adventure and trip to the land of the former tin mine that was famous in our country..

The first stop was the restaurant named FOH SAN Restaurant.. Its like the famous pit stop to whomever and whenever you happen to pass by the state and have some amazing dim sum that is yummy and expertly made.. the moment i came into the shop I saw a lot of activity going on that has people buzzing through in and out and also up and down but the main thing that everyone was doing together was EATING!!! the restaurant just shifted from its original place( i seemed to have forgotten it, sorry^^).. This new outlet has 2 floors of beautifully decorated floors with tiles and also marble and the decor gave it a sense of class, elegance and also some old time charm that the little town of Ipoh has from its colonial past.. The whole restaurant is very open and windy.. the restaurant basically has several stations set up for the diners to get the food and ya it was all self service and the servers are there to help you with some dishes that are from the kitchen and also with the cleaning up.. but the main focus was about the food and the only thing i can say about the food in this place was SUPER AWESOME!!! it was delicious and freshly made and the choices are endless.. So people you gotta go there now if you have the time, car, company and also money to have a taste of its delicious dim sum and also other condiments.. The catch is that it only operates until 2 pm and U gotta be there super early or be there a night before.. Another thing that I just gotta mention that is their moon cakes are super duper nice!!!


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