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time flies when your having fun

Hi!!! im so sorry that i was long gone from writing.. was actually quite busy with the exams, assignments that is never ending and also finals!! so since now im off the hook from all of it, i now have a little luxury in updating what i have done while im gone... So lets Travel back in time!!!

So the other day we just had my finals and it was super rush without any study breaks( it was tiring ) but what to do.. that's life, its constantly throwing challenges to us and the only thing we can and able to do is to face it and figure out how to overcome with and still manage to look super calm and fine ^^...

Next would be the event that we had and planned for and also the one that got us uber excited about was the GM networking dinner!!.. I'm so sorry that i don't have any photos to put in to be viewed but all in all the only thing i can say that it was tired after the long hours of preparation and also the amount time we spent for the 2 days used in the preparation for the event.. In the end, it was so totally worth it with the pay off and also the appreciation we got from the higher people and also guest so it really make me felt so happy with what we did..
Before this, it would be my quite challenging assignment that carries a high percentage of the total marks for the subject in this semester but the lecturer really do want us to learn and I was like thinking why not be adventurous and live life a little? Try gain some experience of what it feels like how those people are when we usually ignore them whenever they try to approach us.. During the whole duration of the assignment (that was around 2 weeks which was pretty fast and short), i had some usual reactions that i usually seen by how we reacted whenever we were encountered by those circumstances and i have a new found respect in those people that are so brave in handling all those reactions or responses that we gave and can say from that lesson i tried to be a calm and patient person and always asked my lecturer for assistance because it was hard for me as i have not much of a knowledge in meeting the target that i have set.. After some lessons and also pointers from the lecturer and managed to get some research done.. I did managed to closed some deals!!! Thank god for it^^.. I was so overjoyed and to me it was the greatest achievement i have ever had and also i was thankfully of my lecturer and also to my parents for giving me some little advice in approaching people.. Conclusion was i managed to complete the assignment and done within 2 weeks and all the hard work i have done was for a good cause (charity).. At least, I did something good for the community

Moving on to the present, with all the hype about the end of the world a few days back that was predicted by the Mayans.. well everyone was freaking out and the funniest thing was that my final paper for the finals also ended on that very day and some were like thinking whether we can make it for that day and also after that.. From this, the reactions of people was mixed feelings but to me... This had made me to be more observant to my surroundings and also to the people around me especially my family and also my loved ones.. In conclusion, it was that without love and the people around you are the most important thing that you have and the most thing to do is to maintain it and make ties to be super close that fills with happy times, memories and also love


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