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Merry Xmas

Well, Merry Christmas everyone.. I hope everyone had a lovely and joyous celebration.. So after this, it will be the new years coming..
So, I had a great Christmas celebration even though its at home, its all about being surrounded by your love ones in a nice, festive and joyous environment.. For the eve of the holidays, my family and I had some amazing home cooked dinner courtesy of my sis and mum ( the master chefs of the kitchen).. Just want to say that the dinner is absolutely delicious and my god the main star: the roast chicken was absolutely scrumptious.. Let me tell you about it..

The moment the roast chicken came out of the oven it looked divine with its a little baked skin that is honey golden colored and when my dad carved it, it was like singing to you with the appearance of its meat, how juicy it was how soft and succulent and also how tender and perfectly cooked it was.. it was like an orchestra dancing in your mouth with all the sweetness of the marinate in the chicken and a little hint of smokiness and some sweet baked vegetables along side it..

So after the delicious and wonderful dinner, we waited for midnight to open the presents that we bought for each other that was placed under the Christmas tree.. Love the holidays

On Christmas day, we went to a shopping mall to have a look at the Christmas decoration.. Well it was usually the most exciting but this year it disappoints me a little when I saw the decorations.. Hopefully next year, it would be great ^^


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