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A Thairrific new year dinner- Basil thai nudle bar

Happy Chinese New Year.. hope everyone had a great dinner and also reunion with loved ones.. So today the road around the city area is quite peaceful compared to normal times.. Alot of the restaurants in the mall were closed today and the eateries in the area was jam packed with people spotted with laughter and also smiles when they were enjoying the dinner..

Initially, we planned to go for a thai restaurant called just thai but seen that it was packed to the brim.. So we decided to search for the next thai restaurant and we found it.. The placed called the Basil thai nudle bar.. Its just hidden away in a small corner just opposite to garibaldi..

The moment we walked in the restaurant has an open and modern concept that is very different compared to other thai cuisine restaurants.. It was simple but still nice and it has a relaxing atmosphere.. The menu is quite simple and also the layout is so prominent with its black background with white writings, red numbers for the price and some signs such as the heart shape for the signature dishes and also chili for the dishes that has some spicy elements.. It has a few categories to choose from such as starters, salads, curry, chicken, beef, seafood, greens( a.k.a vegetables), bean curd( tofu), noodles, rice, dessert, others and finally drinks.. And when you flip the menu on the other side of the paper is a menu full of interesting pictures of some of its signature dishes.. Their tagline of this restaurant is "Hospitality with a heart"..

Enough talk!! Now let's get started with some viewing of its dishes that we ordered.. Out of the 6 dishes that we have ordered for dinner 5 of them are its signature dishes that is really worth recommending to your family or friends whenever you want to drop by to this restaurants..

So we have ordered, the march mango salad with dry shrimp and it was such an amazing appetizer to start the meal with its soury taste and it was crunchy with some shallots and cashew nuts.. Next, the individual spicy tom yam seafood soup.. it has 2 choices of soup that is red or clear and the ones  we ordered is very nice and surprisingly not so spicy.. Then came the pandan leaf chicken and it was the very first thing that was cleaned up when it came to our table and it was such a nice pandan leaf chicken.. The chicken was nicely made with a hint of the pandan and was not so overpowering.. It was a great compliment with the other dishes that we ordered.. Then we moved on to the next dish, that was stir-fry kangkong with belacan and it was such a pleasant surprise with minimal amount of belacan that is a nice touch with the kangkong.. Next was the green curry chicken that was spicy and finally is the Japanese bean curd with minced chicken.. well it was an ordinary dish that is always available in the chinese restaurant..

The front menu

The back menu 

March Mango Salad with Dry Shrimp( My favourite)

Green Curry Chicken 

Japanese Bean curd with Minced chicken

Pandan Leaf Chicken 

lime juice 
But sadly, the section under the dessert was quite limited.. I was expecting more desserts that the Thai's are famous for.. I didnt have a chance to try them because after the whole meal that consist of 6 dishes, it made me felt very content and full.. I guess I can try it the next visit ^^

Service: 4/5

conclusion: Should go there for their thai food with its reasonable price, amazing taste of food that leaves you wanting for more, great service and fast and also the shop is very spacious and convenient


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