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Hakka for lunch - Ying ker lou

Felt like trying something new and different for a change.. Well, N suggested hakka cuisine which is a different cuisine of a chinese clan that has an interesting language, customs and also its unique and variety type of food.. The menu was a thick scrap book filled with amazing assortments with pictures to further entice you and it really made it super difficult for me to choose from..

So after spending time browsing through its colourful, attractive and never ending choices of hakka dishes that this restaurant has to offer .. I finally decided on trying their  braised pork gut pan noodle.For its price, it is really worth it cause the portion was overwhelming for me.but when your hungry it is the best thing ever.. The pan noodle was good.and the pork gut was nicely cooked and.the broth really packs a punch with its flavour and also its strong seasoning of pepper.. Can practically say its a good remedy for flu when your eating or drinking its broth cause I was sweating it out and my throat really felt the peppery taste of the soup from the first sip of the soup.. Love the meat a lot and it was abundantly available in the bowl. Then N, ordered the dry pan noodle and it was quite small the portion accompanied with a bowl of soup and a bowl of porridge of pork and it really was worth it with the amount of porridge and the condiments was plentiful and he really enjoyed it a lot..

Then we ordered some dessert and it looks so cute.. So i ordered something that is cold and refreshing that was filled with some snow fungus while he ordered something was warm and filled it with some red dragon fruit ( my favourite!!).. surprisingly the syrup of the dessert that he ordered was ginger flavoured and it was quite warm

conclusion: the service was fine but would come back to try its other dishes and also its dim sum ^^


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