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Sweet Love of City of Lights- Petit Sucre @ KLCC

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great chinese new year.. I had a nice new year with spending time with great company and also accompanied with great food ( going to miss one of my favorites).. Its been long since my last post.. Apparently, I'm quite busy with my things and also didn't have much of a time to spare in sampling great food and also reviewing it.. 

Since today I've had some spare time, I visited one of the pastry shops in the Isetan Food Market( ground floor).. Its conveniently located near the wine, cookware and also the grocery section of Isetan.. 
The moment I walked in the pastry section, I was greeted with an array of selections of desserts.. Well I was so overwhelmed by the choices and it really made it such a difficult task to even decide which to buy and which seems suitable for me.. 

The macaroons that I've purchased from was a shop named Petit Sucre.. The window display has 3 sections.. 1st being the main attraction- macaroons, 2nd would be the slightly bigger in size or portion of desserts like the mango shortcake, the tiramisu and the portion quite generous from the looks of it and I cant wait to get my hands on it the next time I'm going there again and the last was some mini cakes..

Besides that, the next display has an assortment of chocolate truffles of different shapes and sizes, packages and also designs.. I really love chocolate a lot but its the macaroons that brightens my day.. Well for me, I've got some chocolate macaroons, hazelnut praline, machiatto and also its new flavour the Mocha.. I've got a complimentary taste of its new flavour and its super delicious!! But they do have plenty of options to choose from such as the green tea, raspberry, passion fruit etc. 

They have 3 different ways in buying your bundle of joy
a) 1-5 pieces @Rm3.60
b) 6-9 pieces @ Rm 3.30 
c) 10 pieces above @ Rm 3.00 

the package 

Lovelies ^^

(left to right) = mocha, macchiato, hazelnut praline, chocolate 

yummy mocha 

Personally I do recommend in getting at least 10 pieces because of its price and it was surprisingly reasonable and how cute it is that its decreases when the amount purchased is increasing..
 So you all better head there and get some of your happiness from them..


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