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Gong Xi Fa Chai - Happy Snakey New Year

Well time really pass very fast.. It really felt like that day we just welcomed the new year in the month of January and now its already February and tomorrow is the first day of the new year and the zodiac of the year is the snake..

The New Year is a great way of meeting up with friends and family.. Besides that, the new year is also a great way to enjoy great food and goodies that only available during the new year (fyi: that is only for 15 days) and also a great way to spend time to gather with your friends or cousins and have a good laugh with it.. Many people will be busy packing and leave the city to be with their families and loved ones in the comfort of their family and also to enjoy the reunion feast..  Personally, I love eating the yee sang that is an appetizer or a salad made with pickled condiments and also some other ingredients that is paired with the precious liquid gold (plum sauce) that is delicious and also sprinkle with some crackers and also sesame seeds.. Lately, there is a variety of yee sang versions such as the one I saw offered in some hotels and also restaurants such as the salmon yee sang and also the maguro or the abalone yee sang.. Hope to be able to try some of them in the future

So for my version of the family reunion dinner is the homemade reunion dinner that is expertly done with the help of my mum and also my sister and with also the ingredients that was purchased for the purpose of this dinner.. For dinner, we had stir-fry cauliflower, fried chicken, pan fry fish fillet, abalone with chinese vinegar dressing .. it was sour but really good as it masked the seafood taste of the abalone and also we had the prawn curry and also the braised fish maw with some shitake mushrooms..

For the new year I'm so looking forward to my mum's goodies that is cookies and its an absolute delish.. She made some peanut cookies, pineapple tart , chocolate cookies and also cornflakes cookies.. Besides that, i'm also looking forward to wearing out my CNY  purchases hehe ( don't we all do )..

I would like to wish everyone a  happy chinese new year and have a prosperous and joyous year of the snake.. Hope everyone have a great new year and hope everyone has a fruitful year ^^


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