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Ben's Revisited @ Ben's Bangsar


had some free time this week so after the class, we were famish and was thinking about the food that we wanted to eat and also I heard about the Ben's opening in the bangsar area at the Bangsar Shopping Center so was thinking why not have a of the food and service from this bangsar outlet..

It was located on the 4th floor of the renovated Bangsar Shopping Center.. The moment you reach the 4th floor, you will notice the signature ben's word and colour of the restaurant and it was a different ambience compared to the other outlets that I have seen before.. It was nice and homey and relax with a walkway decorated with cobbled stones as its floors and lined with the sittings and also photos and pillows for you to wait for a table and also it has a few sections of dining area.. This outlet is very spacious and has 3 sections which consist of an open area, a mid section that is indoors with air-conditioned and also a back area which are very jungle like with wooden furnishing that gives it a patio sort of vibe which is nice.. Mostly in a restaurant, you will find a lot of the seatings are singled or metal chairs but in this outlet is a long sofa that has a few pillows which gave you the sense of comfort and also relaxing feel that you can just sit there for a long time after your meal..

Let's move to the main thing of this outlet, FOOD!!.. Alrighty then, so we were immediately served by a waiter that gave us menu's and we were taking some time in choosing the food but mostly its me that took the most time cause I've been there quite some time and was having conflict on what to go for during that lunch and N was pretty much decided on something that he want to have on.. In the end, we went ahead with mine which was the crabmeat pasta puttanesca and for N was the moroccan lamb pie.. Those are just our mains and to finish it off, we shared a lemon meringue tart for dessert..

When the crab meat pasta puttanesca arrived our table, it looked beautiful and appetizing and the portion of this pasta is very generous so it is really worth the price being charged.. It was the moment of truth as I cant wait to have a taste of this gorgeously looking dish and the dish was delicious and full of flavour and the crabmeat is soft and succulent texture that is really awesome and it was really full of tomato flavour.. The moment you had a spoonful of it with the pasta, you can actually taste the crab meat that is delicious, the tomatoes and also garlic which is very strong but not overpowering in this dish and also some capers into it that gives a hint of salt into the dish that acts as a complement and finally the chili that gives you the kick element at the back of the throat.. It was the most satisfying meal of the day and so worth of the price and love the portion that really are filling for your tummy..

Next, was N's moroccan lamb pie.. The portion well could have been better but I have noticed that the portion of some of their food varies from each outlet in the KL region because I had that pie in Ben's KLCC outlet and it was quite generous and fulfilling after having that until you don't really have room for desserts.. So the portion N had in this outlet was a little small compared to what i had.. But N wasn't complaining because the taste and also the amount of meat in there is such a fulfillment for N that he was too busy to complain.. Well done Ben's !!.. In that glorious basket that was made with filo pastry that was beautifully made and baked to golden which is crispy and soft in the inside and it was made to hold in the goodness of the lamb that was slowly braised with the beautiful blends of herbs and spices that really represents morocco and the meat was so tender and beautifully cooked till it melts in your mouth the moment you have the first bite of it.. Yummy!! Felt like you're melted and gone to meat haven =) and the meat was so tender that you don't need much effort in biting it or using any cutleries to slice it.. It was that tender and juicy that the only thing you need to do is to sit back and enjoy that basket of heavenly goodness..

Lastly, was the Lemon Meringue Tart.. It has attracted me from the moment we entered the restaurant and heard some great comments about this dessert.. So, after we had the wonderful mains and we decided to have some citrus filled dessert to reduce the feeling of fullness and so we went for a lemon meringue tart and when it arrives, it look so grand and beautiful with its high curled meringue on the top of the homemade lemon curd and we immediately take the fork and started to devour it and it was so yummy and full of zesty lemony flavour and it wasn't that sweet but a little sour but to me it was nice and the meringue was lightly beaten so it was light but wasn't that firm like how a meringue is but really like the lemon curd of the tart and they go nicely together.. Really enjoyed it a lot..

Verdict: Food is lovely would come back for another visit but the service was a little lacking..
             Hopefully can go for the other restaurants they have under the company

Food: 4/5
Ambience 4/5

Opening hours: 11am-11pm (daily)

 Lot-T-06, Level 3
Bangsar Shopping Centre
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Hot chocolate

Garden spritz 

crabmeat pasta puttanesca 

moroccan lamb pie

lemon meringue tart

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