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Dubu Dubu Korean @ Midvalley


Its been long since I've written something yummy for you all.. So here I am updating it now after a long and busy week of assignments and exams..
Friday, after my last class, I was looking forward to head out of uni to have some relaxing time away from books or anything related to my studies for awhile..

So N and I headed to Midvalley to have some foodie time and we thought why not try some korean food since everywhere and everyone is eating it.. So we found Dubu Dubu and it look quite spacious with an open concept of no doors and the staff there is quite busy with their service. The restaurant was quite simple in decor and have 2 flats screen tv with the concerts or shows featuring the Korean pop star or band performing and there are also some display of food that they offer in plastic.. It remind me alot like the japanese restaurant that have an array of food plastic display for the customers to decide before entering into the restaurant to order..

When we went there, the server gave us a menu and also we saw some promotion.. one of it w as the set lunch and it consist of 2 choices that was 1st set which have 2 choices and you choose 1 only (RM10.90) whereas the other set is consist of 1 has been selected and can choose another meal all this were quite affordable for 2 person and above which cost RM21.90.
So we went for the 2nd option and we had was a honey garlic bulgogi with dubu dubu rice and chicken soanduhu Jigae set..

The moment the food arrives, it was cold and not warm which is quite sad as I thought it would served warmed but everything was cold.. For me which was quite sad as you cant feel the warmth of the food being served to you.. For lunch I was having the honey garlic bulgogi with dubu dubu rice whereas N had the chicken soanduhu Jiga.. overall wasnt satisfied with the meal we had there..

So for my meal the chicken had been marinated with honey that gives it a sweet and honey taste on the meat and it was cooked with alot of onions but cant really taste the garlic which is sad because I love my onions and garlic and the dubu dubu rice is basically white rice with some red bean that turns it into purple rice.. If you tasted it alone, it may be alittle awkward for the tongue but after have the combination of the honey chicken and dubu dubu rice surprisingly it was quite delicious..
Then N had the chicken soanduhu set  which is a bowl of kimchi soup with plentiful of bean curds and t also came with 3 different condiments that was kimchi, some beans and some white things which looks like sticky rice.. The sad part is that the kimchi doesnt taste like the kimchi we usually had from other korean restaurant and the rest of it wasnt so nice as well.. It was a let down as this set is basically towards vegetarian side of the korean cuisine and it also was accompanied by a dubu dubu rice..

Verdict: Wasnt happy about the meal here..

Ambience : 2/5


Honey garlic bulgogi with dubu dubu rice 

Chicken Soanduhu jiae set with dubu dubu rice 



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