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Red Hot Ramen @ Hakata Ippudo, Pavilion

its been long that i didnt have any time to spend with enjoying great food.. but when there is a free time for it, I will try to spend the time with great food and great company.. Was facing a hectic week of assignments due, presentation and also mini test going on day after day..
So now since all of them are being ticked off, so we went to Pavilion wanting to try the famous ramen from japan called Hakata Ippudo..

This restaurant is from Japan and has a lot of outlets around the world and has grown its popularity among the KL community to try out the ramen place and also called their usual spot for a delicious bowl of ramen.. Bare in mind this place is a non halal restaurant which means they do serve pork in their dishes..

It is secluded in the pavilion mall that is located at the connection but in the second floor and its near the dome cafe, watami and also chatime.. So there is a reception counter whereby you will be greeted and brought by a staff and once you have entered, it have 2 separate dining hall which has different decor but still under the same theme.. But the decor is quite interesting, the place that we sat was all decorated with 3 colours which are black, red and white and have the spoons of those colours being decorated and placed on the shelf above the kitchen..

The staff there are so busy running around and also practicing the Japanese culture of greeting people with the Japanese greetings and then we were given the menus which are small but loaded with detailed info about the food they are offering and also the categories of food  they have such as ramen, appetizers, a la carte, rice, specials and also beverages.. Besides that, they also have some specials like cocktails and also a special noodle made with an exceptional broth that has only limited amounts of serving per day..

For the visit we had in Ippudo, we had a Akamaru Shinaji and also ippudo Kasaneaji (which is the special broth that was limited servings for the day). I had that Akamaru Shinaji which was served in a deep red bowl and also in this bowl it contains the tonkotsu broth which was enhanced with special  blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil which really gives the broth a different dimension of taste instead of the normal monotonous broth. This bowl of deliciousness is served with thin noodles and also some addition of the pork belly which really melts in your mouth and it has a tender texture, kikurage ( that is the black fungus which is usually found in the chinese cuisine) and spring onions. When i ordered it, I have the option of choosing on how I want my noodles to be cooked whether it was soft, hard or normal ( which is like cooking the noodles wantan noodles style ). So I went for the soft option which was softer than the normal noodle cooked and it felt like having angel's hair pasta but not so springy.. The moment it arrived to our table it looked like a curry ramen which is very vibrant and appetizing. Loved the whole bowl of the broth which was packed with flavour and the pork belly but sadly the pork belly pieces was only given 2 in a bowl of ramen which for me isn't quite fulfill  my meaty desires..

Next, was the bowl of ramen ordered by N.. It was a seasonal bowl of ramen.. No wonder it has limited bowls of noodles to be served for the day.. It was the Kasaneaji Ramen. In this bowl of seasonal goodness from Ippudo kitchen has a mixture of chicken and pork.. The Kasane broth has its own uniqueness that delivers a  deep- full bodied taste of the broth that is light and refreshing and the broth really make you to  still want you to have another go for that heavenly bowl of  ramen because of the amazingly made broth.. For this bowl of ramen, N doesn't have the luxury of choosing the way of the noodles being cooked but its not such a problem when you are served with the amazing ramen with its heavenly broth, nothing much is needed to be said.. For me personally, the noodles is just an accompaniment for this bowl of deliciousness because the broth has already satisfy your desires of eating this crafted bowl of ramen..

It is only available for a limited time only so you lot better head down to Ippudo now to get that before it goes away!

Just had an amazing time in this restaurant and also the staff is quite helpful in the selection of the menu and also had helped educate us about their ramen..

Verdict: The food is amazing and you gotta try the seasonal ramen
              the food is also reasonably priced with the quality of food
              Would love to come back for another meal and also try some of their appetizers and also specials

Food: 4/5
Ambience 3/5
Price: 3/5

Hakata Ippudo
Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL

Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily


the menu

the special seasonal broth.. Gotta try it before it ends


The Akamaru Shinaji 



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