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Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant & Churros Royale @ Puchong

Dasi Annyeonghaseyo ( Hello again in Korean)
Korean culture is growing such a popularity that even the cuisine also gets into the limelight and with the whole of asia so hyped about this countries K-pop that ranges from its music up till its shows and now food..
Actually this restaurant was introduced by a friend of mine and well he did his homework and we went on to Puchong to have a taste of the korean food by Uncle Jang..
Uncle Jang Korean restaurant has a few outlets in Malaysia which are from mont kiara, ampang, puchong and one outlet in  Johor Bahru..
The one we went that day was in Puchong and according to my friend, each outlet has different decor and ambience to it.. Well, I guess it just want to fit in with the surrounding population and location that they are in.. So when we went in, which by the way is located on the 1st floor of a business district in Puchong district and the whole Puchong outlet's decor is quite minimal and very spacious with alot of tables and chairs surrounding it and the some  walls are decorated with some of the korean icons like the show Winter Sonata which was the first thing hit in malaysia tv ( I bet alot of people are reminiscing about the show and the lead character ^^).
Back to food, so we were given menu which have limited option of their korean speciality and just offer its specialty that was Dak Galbi which is a stir-fry of chicken chop, cabbage, sweet potato and rice cake.. The cutest thing is that the rice cake isn't in rectangular form but in a circular elongated form which is chewy and nice to bite.. This dish is an a la carte thing which is have to be ordered to eat it.. So for this dish, there are steps for ordering this dish and there are options of hot spicy, normal or a mixture of both..
For that visit, we went for hot spicy and with the additional serving of noodles.. It have several options besides noodles and the server will asked whether you need any add ons.. The other side of the menu has several options of bulgogi that contains pork and also some kimchi soup and also the ginseng chicken..

The most interesting about this restaurant is that it is different from the conventional korean restaurant that served bulgogis or grilled meat.. The tables in the restaurant is all fitted with a large pan to cook the Dak Galbi by the server and there will be some condiments served with it.. The food offered is quite different and unique and there is a purpose for the red bib that is noticeable everywhere in the restaurant.. Overall, the food was reasonable..

After the Dak Galbi, we went to search for the churros in Puchong, the place called Churros Royale.. It is just located a throw stone away from the korean restaurant.. The place is quite difficult to spot so be sure to keep a close eye on a shop that has a churros name on its signboard.. So the moment we went in, I notice that the shop colour is all red and is quite spacious with some seats indoor and outdoor area and also a small table that have some games for the diners to have..

When we have arrived, we just immediately went into the counter and start looking at their menu and mostly they offer sets of churros and drinks and there is one of the set which consist of churros with a choice of certain dipping sauces available and it comes with a drink and there is one that has like a bunch of cute little churros this is basically for the party.. So in the end, we decided for the one that has dipping sauce and there is also a choice of portions that is given for you.. Well for me this is nice as we can choose how much of churros we want to have without feeling guilty.. The staff there is quite friendly and also their so nice to inform you how long the churros will be out so that you wont sitting their aimlessly wondering what happen to your churros.. Besides churros, they also offer some savoury dishes for the working people to have for lunch as their main and churros for some dessert maybe..

The churros that we had was deliciously made and quite airy and light.. Good one from what we had experienced from other places that also offers churros and for the dipping sauce we went in for the chocolate sauce and also their signature that was the butterscotch sauce which was surprisingly tasty and their chocolate sauce is so thick which in my case is a good thing and it was so satisfying to eat it and we manage to finished it despite having a korean meal for lunch.. Hopefully they have more outlets as I would love to get some for snacks..

Verdict: The korean meal was nice and would hope for a better ambience in Puchong but if have the chance               would like to visit their other outlets.
            The churros is absolutely wonderful.. Gotta try it!!

Uncle Jang:

Churros Royale:

You can check out more about these outlet through their Facebook accounts.

Dak Galbi 

churros with chocolate and butterscotch dipping sauce


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