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Les Deux Garcons @ Bangsar

Bonjour ma cherie!

Well you all know that I'm a macaron lover and I have been dying to try the famous Les Deux Garcons macarons for ages! Now finally I got to try it!! *Jump for joy*

Actually I got it as a gift from Nic and was overly excited to try this lovelies.. Nic got for me a box of 12 macarons with some pretty exciting flavours to try from.. i realised that there is an emerging trend of macaron masters mixing and experimenting more interesting flavours to display an array of unique flavoured macarons for their patrons..
Let's see their concoctions!!

Let's start with the Rose.. It looks very pretty and delicate like a little flower.. The presence of Rose in that macaron isn't very prominent, its just a light hint of it.. The macaron shell isn't as the same texture as the once I tried from Laduree & Pierre Ledent

Next, Cassis flavour which is quite new to me.. From the 1st bite 
I had from this macaron, it tasted like a blueberry macaron and it was a subtle and not overly sweet..

3rd macaron is the Strawberry!! Well you might expect some strong strawberry flavour and also maybe some of their seeds in the cream but the strawberry flavour is just a light touch and there wasn't alot of seeds in there but overall it was a nice and pleasant macaron with its strawberry not overpowering to handle.

4th is the lovely Framboise.. This is a tricky one as I can't really make out what it has in there but it seems there's some hint of raspberry in it.. 

Rasp, Rose & Lychee
Now the 5th beauty is the Rasp, Rose & Lychee! Well the exterior (shell)  is very purple but the inside of it is white.. The moment I bite into it, the first thing I picked up would be the Lychee which is slightly sweet and next would be the Rose but sadly for me the Rasp flavour couldn't be found in it..

Cho & Passion
This is the unique bit with a macaron named Cho & Passion! Well, my first impression of it would be it looks pretty with the colour contrast of both yellow and dark brown which compliments each other.. Now the eating part of it.. The first bite I had from this macaron was that it has a cocoa taste and later towards the end  only the passion fruit taste appears. 
Earl Grey & Wasabi 
Anyone a fan of drinking earl grey tea? If you do, this will be your favourite macaron!The reason I say so is because I myself is a huge fan of tea and also this Earl Grey macaron is done well with its tea flavour which is just the right balance and not too over powering the palate.. 
On the other hand, Wasabi is a rather interesting flavour as it is always an accompaniment to the savoury dish but not in a sweet dish but its no harm to try.. After having a first bite of it, it gave me the firey sensation you would get from the wasabi with the sushi.. It is super hot and once for me would suffice.. 
Dark Chocolate 
Now the Classic flavour of all sweet dishes.. The Chocolate which is the most popular flavour.. Their dark chocolate macaron is smooth and delicious and it really had a balance between the bitterness from the cocoa and sweetness from the sugar.. 
Anticlockwise: Coffee & Hazelnut , Lemon Vanilla & Pistachio 
Lastly are the 3 amigo's that are Coffee & Hazelnut, Lemon Vanilla & Pistachio.. The first macaron I tried from the trio was the Pistachio which looks like the pandan kaya and surprisingly it does taste like that too and I was quite shocked as I was searching for the pistachio flavours but it wasn't there..

The 2nd amigo, it is the Lemon Vanilla which is quite unique because from the exterior is that it is dark colour like it is made from charcoal.. Well after eating this bubble bee inspired macaron, it does have a strong vanilla and a hint of tanginess from the lemon towards the end..

The 3rd & final amigo, Coffee & Hazelnut which has both their presence and also some nutty texture for the macaron which is nice..

Verdict: The macarons are nice and delicate in taste.. But would try in their cafe for their other specialty.

Les Deux Garcons Patisserie
36 Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru 
59100 KL, Malaysia.
Open's daily from 12pm -8pm.

Be sure to check out their website for more info!

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  1. I heard the customer service SUCKS. And if you even dare to complain, they will swear at you.


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