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Marutama Ramen,Avenue K & 8oz Coffee Co. @KLCC

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Was in Avenue K to visit what restaurants is offered in the latest mall in KL area.. We went to check out the Marutama Ramen in Avenue K..
This ramen place is situated at the UC level and it is just next to Subway & opposite of the Swensen's dessert parlour..

The ramen place is relatively quiet for a lunch hour but the service is rather fast and competent..
       For lunch, we had was the Char Siu Tamago Ramen & Kakuni Tamago.. Both of the ramen are made with chicken based broth..
Char Siu Tamago Ramen
First, Char Siu Tamago Ramen! (RM26)..It is a bowl of chicken broth goodness with 4 slices of char siu and also a seasoned egg and also a large helping of the greens (spring onions).. The broth is quite intense with its chicken essence and the char siu is tender.. Love the egg which is mild in taste and the yolk is still runny in the inside.. 

Kakuni Tamago
Second bowl which is ordered by me called the Kakuni Tamago (RM27). This bowl of goodness is made up of a chicken broth, slices of roast pork, seaweed, spring onions, seasoned egg & pork bellies.. It has the chioce of spicy & non-spicy ramen.. The roast pork and pork bellies is super yummy in that bowl with its seaweed but the noodle isn't as good as the ones from Ippudo's 

After a wholesome lunch, we walked the ramen meal around KLCC.. We saw the sign of the 8oz Coffee Co cafe from the ground flower! It somehow beckons me to come up and have a cuppa caffeine after a long day.. 

The concept of this cafe is quite interesting as it is very open and also the whole furniture of the cafe is wooden and unique.. After a much deliberation of their menu which consist of the usual hot & cold beverages.. Besides that, there are also some desserts available which ranges from cakes to baked treats like donuts etc. 

Finally, we decided on having a latte for me and for Nic an Iced Mocha.. I noticed that I rather fond of lattes.. For dessert, we had was the orange crepe

Latte which was made well and loving the coffee art eventhough it is just a heart shape.. Love how the latte made wasn't all that bitter and it was drinkable..

Next was the orange crepe.. It was a pretty little slice of sunshine with the yellow cream and orange marmalade jam! It Does looks yummy.. The moment it arrives to the table, I was super excited to have a go at.. The crepe tasted delicious with a hint of orange jam and later it tasted like there was an orange gummy bear taste..

Orange Crepe

Iced Mocha
For Nic, Iced Mocha was his chosen drink from 8oz.. He is a fan of cold drinks rather than hot.. Usually for coffees I preferred it to be in a hot version but surprisingly this Iced Mocha is a good call despite it being a cold beverage as it was a cup full of coffee rather than majority which constitutes of mainly ice and water.. Pretty Delicious to drink for a hot day like today perhaps.. This cafe is an ideal place for a meet up or even for some alone time

Marutama Ramen (Non-halal)

Their ramen is pretty reasonable and yummy 


8oz Coffee Co. 

Love their versions of hot & cold beverages & the orange crepe cake! Would come back for their other desserts.. Great service staff!

Ambience: 4/5

Marutama Ramen 
Avenue K
Opens daily 10am- 10pm

8oz Eight Ounce Coffee Co. 
Lot K138, First Floor, 
Suria KLCC


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