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Barilla Bay Oyster Farm Restaurant @ Hobart, Tasmania

G'day Mate!

Well i'm sure those who followed on my instagram may have spotted pictures of the beautiful country of the Down Under and for this holiday, I'm at Tasmania!

My 1st stop in Tasmania is of course their lovely city of Hobart! Arrived on this lovely city at a rainy Saturday that is windy and not too sunny..

After a day of resting, we decided to travel out of the city to the Barilla Bay Oyster farm for lunch..
Its just an hour drive from the city centre to Barilla via Tasman Highway

Once arrive you can see their huge sign of Barilla Bay with a red background and the buildings which houses their restaurant and shops for souvenir shopping or to pick up some lovely oysters

We were quite famish from the journey to get here and immediately climbed to the 2nd floor of the building to their restaurant and it is really spacious with a lot of natural light..
We got a huge table with an incredible view of their farm 

We were seated immediately and presented with both their food & beverage menus and specials of the day (which can be seen from the entrance that is a huge board) 
After much deliberation of what to order, 
Barilla Chowder 
For appetizer we tried the Barilla Chowder which looks really simple yet classy plating..
The chowder is really pleasant and delicious with the taste of the ocean, not entirely creamy and in the soup there was some elements of seafood like prawns, mussels and scallops which is cooked to perfection and taste really sweet!

For Main, we ordered various dishes to try from their vast menu..
Pork Belly Roulade 
1st to arrive to the table is the Pork Belly Roulade which has a simple presentation yet it look really delicious and tempting.. It has just the right amount of food portion for 1 person for lunch especially.
The pork belly is being rolled and it was cooked gently till it tenders and  which it has developed the familiar combination with pork which was the taste of apple and cinnamon  and it is served under potato fondant, apple pickle and a drizzle of cider caramel.. 
Surprisingly the cider caramel sauce is not overly sweet or overpowering with the taste of pork and the apple.. True harmony in this wonderful and delicious dish

The 2nd main to arrive is the Gnocchi Roulade.. 
It looks really pretty colourful on the plate.. 

This gnocchi dish consists of potato gnocchi surrounded with forest mushroom duxelle with the little pool of cream of mushroom sauce and topped off with a wilted greens.. 
The gnocchi is placed within the bread which is just on top of the mushroom duxelle.. 

Gnocchi Roulade
Sadly, it tasted mediocre with the gnocchi lack of seasoning and the mushroom has a subtle taste of earthiness to it

Tasmanian Salmon
The 2nd last main to arrive is the Tasmanian Salmon.. It looks really generous and colourful yet hearty.. Looks delicious too! The Salmon is grilled to perfection and the meat flakes off and the skin is just crispy and it is served with avocado sauce  and a side of quinoa tabouleh and greens.. The sauce really is delicious yet subtle and goes together with the sides and salmon..

Scallop & Prawn Risotto
The final main is the Scallop & Prawn Risotto.. This plate is really very hearty bowl of risotto and generous portions of the risotto and the seafood in it.. The risotto rice was cooked in a light tomato sauce.. It is really a nice bowl of risotto which is cooked and taste really nicely with the seafood in it..

Oysters au Natural 
After the mains, we had our Oysters and this I believe is their smaller or average size as there are other options of sizes of oysters to choose from (just remember to check with the hostess or waiter for their specials ).. There are a selection of cold or hot  options for you to serve the oysters as.. 
And so we opt for the au Natural option which is under the cold selection.. 
This is the best oysters that I have tasted as the oysters here are really fresh and it just need a little squeeze of lemon and you can taste the ocean in that little mouthful.. Incredible!

Raspberries & Cream
And to finish our fantastic meal here, we ordered their dessert of Raspberries & cream which is served as gluten free dessert.. It is a glass of vanilla bean panacotta served with a generous layer of the raspberry jelly with raspberries coulis and it is topped off with a white beard candy floss

This dessert is really a palate cleanser from all the heavy and oily meals as the vanilla bean panacotta is really smooth, well made and not overly sweet and it acts as a canvas for the raspberry jelly and its coulis to bring in the other dimension of taste of sourish notes to the dessert with some beard candy floss.. Excellent choice of dessert! 

For Lunch, I had the Storm Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Tasmania.. 
The colour of this wine is still pale with a tinge of yellow and it tasted honey with some acidity at the back of the throat and  medium body 

Verdict: Oysters and Seafood delicious! 
Great setting for lunch or dinner and great service 

Ambience: 3/5

Restaurant Barilla Bay Oyster 
1388 Tasman Highway 
Cambridge Tasmania 7170

Monday - Sunday 

Friday & Saturday 
5:30pm -8:30pm



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