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Yeast @ Jalan Telawi 2 ,Bangsar

Bonjour ma cherie! 
Well I'm back to Yeast! Miss the parisien cafe and atmosphere so much that after the lunch, we went to Yeast for dessert..

We were immediately whisked away to our long table to be seated and given the menu.. 
The whole restaurant is filled with people happily eating and it is filled with french music 
Brings back memories of Paris 

So we immediately decide on the desserts that we want to try.. 
The moment we walked in, I spotted a few of their delicious pastries at the display cases which looks to pretty and delicious to eat! 
Tart de la Mangue 
The 1st tart to arrive to our table is the Tart de la Mangue.. It just looks pretty and bright like the sun with its orangy hues and its slices of mangoes.. Its really a very light & refreshing dessert to have as it has some citrus taste from the curd and the balance of the sweetness from the mango that made it a one of the delightful tarts that I had from here..

The 2nd tart to arrive is the passion fruit, calamansi & meringue tart.. 
When it arrived to our table, it looks to pretty to eat them

La Tarte Calamansi, Fruit de la Passion et Meringue 
This dessert is so picture perfect that we can't resist taking pictures of them.. It does looks like a forest of mini plump trees made from sweet italian meringues that are burnt slightly on the top to burn the sugar and the calamansi lime zest is like the zesty lime raining at the little tart island..
Below the meringue trees there lies the curd that was made with passion fruit and calamansi lime that gives you the taste of citrus and passion fruit flavour that is both sweet and sourish at the same time..

It wasn't overly zesty or sourish or even sweet.. I'm amazed at their magic of balancing these notes to create a beautiful and delicious desserts 

La Tarte Chocolat & Mocha
The 3rd tart to make its presence on the table is the chocolate tart.. Well I was part of my recommendation to my friends as I had previously tried before their chocolate tart and was super impress and blown away as the chocolate tart made here are decadent yet smooth and not sweet that it made you want it even more after the 1st bite.. It was like having the holy grail of chocolate tarts! Mighty heavenly!

This chocolate tart is made with the best chocolate made in the world, of course its the Valrhona chocolate! The chocolate in this tart was really smooth and it was just the right balance between sweet and bitter.. The pie tart was so well made that it wasn't a challenge to break it open! 

Sable au Chocolat

A simple looking chocolate cookie which is made with the best chocolate from Valrhona chocolate.. The cookie is really delicious and the chocolate taste slightly bitter that is delicious and smooth and silky with the touch of salt on the top of the cookie.. The salt just brings out the depth of bitterness of the chocolate that turns the bitterness to sweetness.. Pure chocolate magic

La Tarte aux Framboises
The last but not least is the Raspberry tart which looks majestic and beautiful as ever.. It is my 2nd favourite tart from yeast because the tart crust was made beautifully short and crispy.. The lemon curd gives the tart a citrus note and sweet that is being accompanied with the sourish notes from the raspberry.. marriage in dessert heaven

Verdict: To Die For desserts! Great service
The place to go for french desserts!

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4/5

Yeast Boulangerie 
Jalan Telawi 2


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