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Fatto A Mano Italian Kitchen @ Telawi 2, Bangsar

Great tasting Italian food is hard to find in Malaysia especially in the Kuala Lumpur area.. 
This homey and Italian home is under the same owner of the Yeast Boulangerie which is just next door! Sister restaurants under the same area, Fantastic!

Simplicity is the main concept of the whole Italian culinary culture and food habit.. 
This is what can be seen from their whole restaurant which exudes simplicity in their decor that exude homey feeling with the comfy sofa and the white brick walls, the large table, roomy dining area and the simple picture of ingredients and their simple menu of simple ingredients dishes made delicious and with great passion

We were immediately ushered to our table and were presented a simple card menu 

After scanning and deciding what to order from the menu.. 
For Appetizer, we ordered a Arancini Alla Siciliana which is beef & mozzarella risotto fritters which is rolled into a ball.. 
The moment it arrived to the table, it was presented in a basket of 4-5 balls of arancini accompanied with 2 dipping sauces that have a mint sort of flavour and the other which is tomato flavour 
Arancini Alla Siciliana
   The Arancini was nicely made with a minimal taste of the beef but it goes nicely with that mint flavour.. It was enjoyable but wish to have more of the beef taste in the arancini balls

The next dish we ordered from the mains are Spaghetti Alla Carbonara.. 

This dish were ordered in a large portion for our table.. 
This style of carbonara is cooked like how the italian does it with just the egg yolk, parmesan cheese, black pepper and the addition of bacon.. Everything with bacon is fantastic! 

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara 
It has just the right creaminess and it wasn't heavy that you cant go back for seconds.. The pasta was cooked perfectly and it really holds all those sauces that its still moist and not overly salty with that parmesan cheese.. This plate was so popular at our table that its the 1st plate to finish

We are still hungry even though we had the arancini and the carbonara.. 
So we decided to try their pizza.. There were 4 choices of pizza to choose from.. 
We went for their Prosciutto Pizza 

Prosciutto Pizza
  The moment this beauty arrived, we were super excited that the phone camera eat first!
The pizza made here are all thin crusted and it is well made with love as the ingredients are simple but fantastic combination of the saltiness from the prosciutto ham balanced out with the peppery & bitter notes from the arugula and the sourish of the tomato base.. True harmony in my mouth!

Cannelloni con Spinaci e Ricotta 
When I saw this on the menu, I was overly excited because this is Cannelloni con Spinaci e Ricotta is one  of my favourite pasta dishes as I had it once on the way home in the plane.. The one I had was really good despite being an airplane food..

This dish looks so homey when it arrives to the table and you can feel that it was made with full of love and passion just like how Gennaro Contaldo said it as the pasta was just smooth and silky and the ricotta and spinach was really delicious and not overpowering one another! Truly a lovely dish 

Finally comes the last pasta we ordered which was the Mac & Cheese Alla Bolognese which is traditional mac and cheese with the bolognese sauce at the bottom (it contains minced beef).. 

Mac & Cheese Alla Bolognese 
Usually mac & cheese is really heavy with the enormous amounts of cheese and cream in it but for this version surprisingly it wasn't.. Happy for me as I'm not a huge fan of the american classic version of it.. Luckily it came in a small cute pan that is just the right amount for this dish..
This mac & cheese has just the right amounts of cheese and cream that it wasn't overly heavy and it is really delicious with the bolognese sauce which is full of flavour from the minced beef and the herbs that you can taste.. An ideal dish to be shared with just note that it contains beef

Trebbiano- Chardonnay, Emilia Romagna 2013 
For our lovely lunch, we ordered 2 fantastic accompaniments to our meals which was the Trebbiano- Chardonnay that smells and taste like honey and a note of sour that brightens my lunch

Merlot- Sangiovese Emilia Romagna 2013 
The other wine we had was the Merlot-Sangiovese which has a deep ruby red colour and it has medium tannin which is just right for a hot day

Verdict: An ideal place for gathering with the concept of family 
Delicious but for a group of 7 or more do order more food
Attentive service staff

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5

Fatto A Mano Italian Kitchen
Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday- Sunday 

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