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Max Brenner Chocolate @ Melbourne Central, Melbourne

Before I leave this amazing country and city, I stroll around the melbourne CBD and it was a pretty hot day.. 
So I had the famous Max Brenner Chocolate restaurant in the heart of the CBD.. 
Super excited to try this! 

Their decor really is max brenner signature colours and there is a shop on the left of the counter and you can feast your eyes with all the various types of chocolates or chocolate drinking powder, truffles of imaginable combination of tastes, pralines and ideal gift ideas or even those chocolate related utensils..
This place is filled with endless temptations of utensil, chocolates that will make any chocoholic or Max Brenner's fan the happiest person!

This is the panoramic photo of the chocolate bar 

Their cup is really interesting as its really unique of max brenner concept and some even have names for it like this drink was served in an Alice cup.. 
The drink that was ordered was the Banana Milk Chocolate which is under the Icy shakes drink..
The drink is really full of cocoa taste and you can bite the banana which is in the drink ( no banana essence)
Banana Milk Chocolate 

For the plated dessert, we had the Optimistic Trio which consists of the 3 different types of chocolates that are Dark. Milk & White chocolate with chocolate shavings 

Optimistic Trio 
The moment it arrives to the table, it looks amazing! It is a mousse of the 3 different types of chocolate.. Surprisingly it is really light and fluffy like clouds.. Luckily the trio combination of chocolates is really easy  to eat continuously!

Truly delicious! 

Verdict: Really a delicious dessert & drink! True Chocoholic heaven! 
Hopefully can come back to try their Hug mug and other desserts 

Ambience: 3.5/5

Max Brenner 
Shop OE5, Menzies Alley
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
300 La Trobe Street 
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday
8am -Midnight
8am - Midnight 


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