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Callington Mill @ Oatlands, Tasmania

Pretty exciting day it was as I have the chance to visit one of the sites used by Masterchef Australia to host one of their cooking challenges when they were in Tasmania ..
That place is the Callington Mill in Oatlands!

This is the oldest mill in Tasmania and was built in 1836.
This is the place to get the freshest flour which is milled in that building that has the mechanism of making great flour for pastry making and even bread making! 
They are so proud of this place and the product that they sell in either small, medium and large size bag which we happened to witness the locals buying them and they also provide recipes in making bread.. How nice and helpful!

You can take a tour around the property which is happening daily and hourly everyday.. Just remember to visit the gift shop which has a counter to know their daily schedule of tours and to buy lots of souvenior of this place!

Kind of reminds me of the cottages in England 

The inside of the cottage is really cozy and homey with its shop at the front and a mini cafe counter 

The outside of the cafe which is the gift shop and the cafe counter which you can order the savoury dishes or scones or maybe some muffins and drinks ranging from cappucino to hot chocolate..

After ordering the food and drinks of our choice, we sat at one of those long tables in the cafe

The 1st to arrive is the Hot chocolate which is presented in an interesting way which is foam of dusted cocoa powder in the shape of a windmill.. Such artistry in making this art! It tasted delicious and full of chocolate flavour 

The 2nd drink to arrive is the Cappucino and bear in mind this is a huge mug.. Funny thing is that their aussie version of a cappucino is different from the malaysian kind.. Maybe its the beans and the time it took but it taste really nice and full of coffee flavour and just the right balance between the coffee and milk.. 

Finally, the main attraction which is the scones with clotted cream and homemade jam catwalks down the table.. The presentation is really simple and homey.. 

The scones looks really tall and when you break it into half you wouldn't believe your eyes how airy and fluffy they are and the taste of it is really spongy and sourish but not too overpowering and it doesn't make you feel really filling or heavy after having 1 of them.. 
It goes well with their homemade jam which is apparently a mix berries made locally in the nearby berry farms of the area.. Talking about supporting local produce! Truly a delicious tea time treat! 

Verdict: A delicious scones and jam! 
Remember to get their jam home & go for the tours 

Callington Mill Flour 
1 Mill Lane 

Opening Hours : 
cafe opens until 4:30pm


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