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Zumbo Patiserrie @ Emporium Melbourne

On the last day of my holiday adventure in Melbourne, we went to have another stroll around the CBD to soak up the clean air and atmosphere despite being it during summer time.. 
After walking around, we went to the Emporium which is the mall that houses all the premium and high end brands which is sort of like the pavilion or Starhill back in KL..

But in Emporium there house the kiosk of the Rock Star of the pastry world which is Adriano Zumbo! I'm super excited and happy that I can finally taste his delicious and imaginative desserts & the ever famous zumbarons 

The kiosk is located at the floor just opposite of T2 and Topshop 

The kiosk looks really simple and it is always crowded with people lining up buying the delicious creations that goes very fast if you aren't quick enough to line up 

In this little kiosk fills with every imaginative, beautiful & interesting creations and combinations that ends up to be the most fantastic thing that you have purchase and tried! 

 The moment we spotted the kiosk, we immediately lined up to see what's offering and their display case really starts to entice your eyes & tastebuds till you can't decide at all.. 
That's practically happens to me and it would sometimes end up over buying it 

Everything on this display case is too beautiful to eat! I spot something with my eyes something chocolate and square! 

Omg! Before you reach the cashier you will be presented with an array of pretty looking macaroons which made me difficult to decide on the flavour to eat as every combination created sounds really interesting 

After being mesmerized by all the beautiful looking creations, we decided in purchasing a tart and 2 macaroons just to get a taste of the creations made by the pastry genius 
Tarte aux fruits de la passion 
The tart we chose was the passion fruit tart which has the colours of the sun setting..
Beautiful color contrast in this pretty dessert

This tart is surprisingly delicious and not overly sweet.. It has a silky texture of the ombre coating and at the bottom is the lemon curd with the unique and sweet refreshing notes from the passionfruit that gives it an interesting balance between both fruits..
This tart is so delicious! Super impressed with this tart from its appearance and the taste!  

For macaroons, zumbo kiosk sells in the package of 2, 6 or 12 each at the price of AUD$5, $15 & $30.. 
I bought the package of 2 macaroons.. 

Super excited! 

The 1st zumbarons to try is the Passion fruit & Honeycomb 

This zumbaron flavours may change yearly so be on the look out for any interesting new concoction! 
Back to the zumbarons.. Well this passion fruit & honey comb zumbaron is really a big one in comparison to the ones I had back home! And the cream in the middle is really quite generous in terms of their serving size.. 

Passionfruit & honeycomb 
The shell of this zumbaron biscuit is really steady and smooth looking with no sight of cracks.. The most apparent taste is the passion fruit flavour in the cream and the sweetness is just right
This zumbaron is made so well and delicious!The surprising part is that it doesn't have that extreme sweetness that you may associate pastries with but this is truly an enjoyable piece of zumbaron to savour with for tea time

The 2nd zumbaron we bought was the chocolate love 

This zumbaron certainly does make me love it much more with its spongy and crispy exterior filled with dark chocolate taste.. They somehow manage to find the balance between the bitterness from the dark chocolate with the nuts and sugar that brings this zumbaron a harmony of flavours in your mouth.. 

Happiness in every bite! I love it eating their dessert so much! Want to visit their main branches in melbourne & sydney!

Verdict: Amazing passion fruit tart & out of this world macaroons! 
Wouldn't mind packing the whole box with me 

Their Macaroons are a must try! They truly provide you with great happiness in this zumbarons! 

Zumbo Patisserie 
Level one
287, Lonsdale street 
Emporium Melbourne
Melbourne, VIC 

Opening Hours: 
Thursday & Friday
Saturday & Sunday 


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