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Closed- La/pa @ Telawi 3, Bangsar

Well its been awhile since my last post, as I am quite occupied at the moment with my stuff but luckily I still can find the time to eat and share the food that I had with you all.. 

Had been wanting to try this La/pa for a long time since saw some of their food pictures trending on Instagram! 

From the moment we went in and saw the surroundings of this place which is just located at the same row as Inside Scoop, Ashley's & Nosh, the restaurant looks really clean and simple with the wood furniture and cement walls that looks really good. 

Remember to stay hydrated from the hot weather! 

There is an outdoor and indoor seating and there is even a long table for a large group.. This place is quite relaxing as there is an ample of space in the restaurant and you are relaxed with the soothing songs and soothing lighting of the restaurant 

Well from the list hot beverages, I spotted a Raspberry Latte and immediately order it to discover how the combination of raspberry with coffee.. 

Raspberry Latte
The slight sour and sweet taste of the raspberry and the bitterness of the coffee has really compliment each other quite well that it was an enjoyable cup with a great balance between bitterness and sweetness that it doesn't require any addition of sugar.

Potato Pancake with Norwegian Smoked Salmon
The 1st dish we ordered is the Potato Pancake and I opted for the addition of Norwegian Smoked Salmon.. This potato pancake is crispy on the outside and has some greasy feeling to it.. It also sort of reminds me of another potato pancake which is rosti that is thicker but for this version is a much thinner piece and it is accompanied by a sunny side up eggs with some sweet paprika, greens which is the rocket, a cornell of the herbed sour cream and slices of smoked salmon..

The potato pancake is quite bland on its own but it taste great with the sour cream and smoked salmon.. The eggs is really good and the yolk is runny.. 
For the potato pancake with the smoked salmon, it was great as the smokiness from the salmon gives it another dimension of flavour and it counter balance the greasiness of the potato pancake 

Duck Eggs in Purgatory
The 2nd dish we ordered was the Duck eggs in purgatory which is the 1st version in their menu since they have 2 versions. In this original version, it is made with fresh duck eggs, australian spinacj in creamy garlic sauve, glenstal vintage cheddar and some housemade baguette.. You can opt for some beef bacon (RM3.50)..

When it arrives to the table, the portion looks rather generous that you can even share it if you aren't hungry or posses a large appetite.. This dish reminds me of the baked eggs which is a popular breakfast option in Australia.. In this baked eggs, you can find 2 duck egg yolks which has a deep orange colour to it.. The yolk was just nicely cooked but it wasn't entirely runny 
The overall of that eggs tasted alright with the spinach, garlic taste wasn't overly strong as it was quite subtle and it wasn't entirely creamy which for me is ok.. 
But I was hoping for more garlic as I love garlic..
 That day we had this and it wasn't too creamy or cheesy.. The baguette I would prefer it to be toasted with some herbs or rub with a garlic clove

After the 2 breakfast food, we still have room for dessert.. You can check out more of their desserts in that display area next to the cashier or you can ask their service staff for some recommendations or what's special of the day..

After much thought and questioning them whats the yummiest thing to eat, we ordered 2 desserts which are the Pear Frangipani tart & Chocolate fudge brownie tart
Pear Frangipani tart 
The 1st to arrive to the table is the Pear Frangipani tart.. When it was served on the table, the pear tart really look so beautiful and simple with its caramel sauce lines at the bottom.. 
The pear was cooked perfectly that it was so tender and not overly sweet.. The nut elements which is the almond was a great compliment for the tart shell and pear that it gave the tart a nutty texture and flavour of toasted nuts which goes well with some vanilla ice cream and pear..

Chocolate fudge brownie 
The 2nd to arrive to the table is the chocolate fudge brownie tart.. Well I have been eyeing on this dessert when I came in to our table because I love brownies and can't resist not having them and also this is quite an unique approach of brownie dessert..

This brownie fudge looks really artistic in terms of plating as it was based with a swirl sauce art of caramel and chocolate sauce which is a great combination with this tart.. This tart brownie is not the ordinary brownie which is dense and warm as this brownie is light and fudgy not so creamy, very airy , not cakey and full of chocolate flavour! 
The ice cream if not mistaken is a hazelnut ice cream which is really delicious and nicely complimented with the fudge and the chocolate-caramel sauce,, 
This is really yummy that you dont feel bloated or full eating it and it is not overly sweet! 
A plus point! 

Verdict: Love the coffee concoction and the desserts! 
Fantastic service from the server which gave us some suggestions and explanation

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5
Service: 4/5

Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru 
Kuala Lumpur  

Opening Hours 
Monday- Sunday 

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