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Ashley's by Living Food, Bangsar


First I would like to thank everyone for your generous support which made my visit count to reach the 10,000 number! Yeay!!!
Will continue to share more on food and travel!

Was feeling rather peckish and was thinking what to have which is light yet fulfilling.. So Nic and I while walking on the Telawi street, we stumble upon on Ashley's which is just next door to the Inside Scoop

So we looked at it which was rather new and was thinking why not give it a try as we have never heard of this place before.. The service staff in Ashley's is quite pleasant and very full of excitement as they welcome you from the moment we step foot at their doorstep..

The whole restaurant looks very woody, earthy and also cozy somehow.. Love the furniture colours and when we were seated, the server would give us a big scroll and a some parchment papers that has drinks menu.. The big scroll is actually the food menu which consist of starter or salad until the dessert part of the menu.. The whole restaurant is quite spacious and the front is the bar which isn't look like a bar which is rather interesting and the kitchen is behind the restaurant and all are very earthy and woody based feel..

For this visit, we tried their gluten free chocolate cake and Apple crumble.. For drinks I had was the cafe Latte.. The latte was decent and not very bitter, so I can still enjoy it without the addition of sugar..


Next is the Apple crumble which was made in the healthier version and it was quite delicious like the original version of the apple crumble but has some tweaks like it was covered in oats and the apple was entirely sweet which is rather nice and it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream but it was rather soft and not creamy for Nic.. Nic doesn't really enjoyed it as much as I do

Then came mine which was the Gluten free Chocolate cake..Actually it is my very first time trying something which is gluten free and healthy for a change as usually I would have had some normal chocolate cake.. Surprisingly, this chocolate cake taste lovely, yummy and chocolaty and wouldn't have felt the difference as it just taste like the ordinary chocolate cake but healthier and minus the ganache

You can enjoy all the meals without even feeling guilty! Great place for us girls and even guys that like it healthy and delicious!  

Their dessert are delicious, service is great  and also great ambience 
Will come back to try their lunch 
Try their chocolate cake !

Ambience: 4/5

                                Ashley's by Living Food
                               Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar                                                                                    



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