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Inside Scoop, Bangsar

Its been awhile I spend a great time with a scoop of well made ice cream and sometimes accompanied with waffles..

After a long weekend of assignments, I was thinking why not have a dessert as a reward for me hehe.
So I had Nic accompanied me in trying out the ice cream parlour in Bangsar called Inside Scoop..

Actually I tried it once before and that was just getting their scoop of ice cream on the go but I had always wanted to try their other flavours and since they are offering waffles or cones to go with it, It tempted me even more (Hahaha kinda sounded like a greedy little girl!)

After class, we went there and found out that actually this Inside Scoop was once occupied by the Little Wonton but it shifted out from Bangsar and hence came this creamy parlour in Bangsar!
Enough about the history..

The inside of it looks quite laid back and relax... But the first thing I noticed in the parlour is its Ice cream display fridge and its like calling me to come and have a scoop of ice cream! The board has options and prices.. There are ordinary and premium flavour to choose from.. They do offer the Durian ice cream and also Valrhona Ice cream 

They do offer home made waffle cones and also waffles.. The waffle have 3 different sizes single, double and triple.. For this visit, we went for the double and choose the Hazelnut and also Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

The waffle & Ice cream
The waffle came in 4 pieces and it wasn't really enough for Nic and I so we finished it rather quickly! Texture of the waffle is light and crispy not really spongy.. I like this kind of waffle alot but Nic prefers the usual way of a waffle.. Overall it is yummy to eat!

Wanting to have a return visit for their other ice creams and Durian flavour maybe on a waffle cone instead
It is a great place for a meet up with friends and even a place for couples to relax and enjoy their day

The ice cream was wonderful and creamy! Gotta try it


Inside Scoop 
9, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru, 
Kuala Lumpur 


  1. Hi Kate,

    This place seems like the place to go... Nice waffles and ice cream! Chocolate is always my fav!



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