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Whisk Empire Subang

Where for art thou Coffee?

Coffee is now the life line or the morning booster for everyone.. 
It has been since our grand parents and parents generation bu now the difference is that the coffee drinking experience has changed dramatically from the Kopitiam to Cafe which sometimes offer more than coffee like desserts or lunch as the accompaniment for coffee

Actually was in the neighborhood of Subang Jaya and was itching to try the famous Whisk Cafe for a long time and after having a nice meal from Jibby &co. (Check out my previous post on it)..

My friend which were with me had also recommended on going to Whisk for a cuppa coffee and getting some of their red velvet and macaroons!

Macaroons & Nutella mocha 
After much deliberation and thought of what to order as it is my first time having a coffee from Whisk considering that I had followed their Instagram account.. Finally I decided on trying out their
  Mocha Nutella! 
 When it arrives to the table, it looks rather interesting as this cuppa was spread with a layer of nutella and then you can just mix the coffee with the nutella which gives the bitter coffee a balance of sweet hazelnut taste.. Delicious!
(Bottom: Salted caramel, Red velvet, Vanilla & Lemon Meringue )
Other than coffee, I also ordered their cute macarons that just looks so pretty with their bright colours.. There were many flavours to choose from.. So I had was the Salted caramel, Red velvet, Vanilla & Lemon Meringue .. Overall the macarons wasn't entirely sweet which is good and it made so enjoyable and the macarons were so cute and small which doesn't make it too full while eating it..
The Salted caramel which is rather mild in taste
The Red velvet is quite smooth and bright red
The Vanilla is quite milky but has a balance between sweet and milky
The Lemon meringue has a the zesty lemon taste.. Yummy!

After buying a small plate of macarons, my friend also bought one small plate of 4 which consist of salted caramel, strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue and vanilla and also a slice of Red Velvet cake which they are famous for..

 The strawberry shortcake is very light in strawberry flavour but it does looks rather cute and pretty to eat it.. Great for the strawberry lovers! 

Next is the Red Velvet Cake! This is one of the Whisk cafe pride and joy desserts.. I'm not entirely an expert of red velvet cake as I didn't try other cafes to compare with this but I can tell you that this cake is not overly dry and it has just the right balance of the sweet and cream cheese frosting in between the cakes and also the above layer of it..
This really made so enjoyable and for myself is a great thing to eat as it would make you feel rather bloated after having this cake and lunch.. Now I know why its a famous whisk dessert and popular among everyone!


Great place to have a relaxing cuppa coffee
Great Service and Treats

Ambience: 4/5

Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
Empire Subang Jaya

Opens Daily 

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  1. Do give ode art cafe at ss15 a try, their coffee is not bad :D nice entry btw. Have been reading your blog for some time. Keep it up!

    1. Hey Jadd-Menn! TQ for the suggestion! Thank you for reading and your awesome support!


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