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Jibby &co. Empire, Subang Jaya

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So this interesting restaurant with an unique architecture has caught many by storm especially in the Instagram post and the food looks rather delicious and interesting with its nice atmosphere.. It made me wanted to try it and it is constantly full that made it rather hard to get in... Since, today was having a super long break in between classes, so gathered some friends and had a foodie outing for this popular hang out cafe in the Subang Jaya region..

That's right! Its Jibby & Co.!!!!


From the outside, its building looks rather interesting and unique.. Was quite lost as my friends were in there earlier before I do so wasn't entirely sure where the entrance was as it was my first time entering this place and also came from a different exit so apparently Nic and I entered into the wrong entrance and was then being told by a staff of theirs that the entrance was the front and not this door in a rather unpleasant manner..

Fear not from that mishap, I was being rather optimistic and was looking forward for their food and its great, laid back ambience instead.. So the whole restaurant was rather busy as it was the peak lunch time, so it was very pack and quite lively but the whole cafe still looks rather spacious despite having alot of patrons in it..
The 2nd floor 
It was a busy time and the service staff was rather busy in attending on us with just handing us the menu which were quite simple and straight forward.. After much deliberation on what to order and rumbling stomach , so my friends decided to order their famous Soft Shell Crab burger (RM29) with sweet potato fries.. Actually you can change the fries to Fat Fries but personally I would have preferred the sweet potato fries instead as it gives it a balance of sweetness with the spicy mayo..


The crab didn't really take much time to wait as it came out rather fast and the portion is rather generous with the crab burger towering quite high which may have pose some challenges to eat for us ladies hehe but it is much enjoyable to have with your hands rather than cutleries.. According to my friends that ordered this, they said the burger is very delicious and not entirely oily and the mayo which was colourful and red was a tad spicy for their taste.. Overall, they love it!
Soft Shell Crab 
close up photo 


Next, Nic ordered the Seafood Aglio Olio (RM32) and it also doesn't take a lot of time to wait.. Well we were rather famished and excited to try their food.. After a little waiting from the burger, the seafood pasta came and it look quite generous the portion of it and have quite a number of seafood in the bowl and the seafood do smell like the ocean.. 

Seafood Aglio Olio 

Well I had ordered the Seafood Hotpot (RM38) which consist of a combination of prawns of small and big ones, salmon, squid, mussels and also some chicken cubes.. 

This is served in a hot pan that holds up all the seafood with the tomato sauce that still has some small cubes of tomato.. It is very hearty and warm to eat.. Not to forget, this has bread slices on the side for dipping the tomato sauce but sadly the bread was not toasted enough or have any garlic scent or garlic butter to make it even better as an accompaniment..

Despite the food being that good but the disappointment was that the food made me wait for a long time and they didn't bother to even update or tell me in advance the time needed for it to prepare at least I have an idea of how long to wait.. 

Coke which taste alittle salty & sourish 

Left-Right: Watermelon & Carrot Juice 


Aren't they pretty?!


The bottom floor is where the kitchen and dessert counter situated and the dessert selections look mighty impressive.. Maybe will have another visit for its coffee and dessert.. 

Overall, enjoyed the food there but there are some problems which we had faced was the service staff wasn't entirely friendly (they practically don't smile at you), They are quite forgetful  and slow also as the moment we arrived there wasn't any plain water provided while we were waiting for our drinks which took awhile to prepare and the food was also took sometime to arrive.. Maybe it was the lunch time that has made it slightly slow but It could have been better..

Sorry for sounding rather negative towards the end but that was the unsatisfactory part which we and mostly I had felt throughout my dining experience there.. I'm not trying to be mean or what but I hope this mistake will improve with time and I am mostly interested in their food and drinks

The food is delicious and generous
Maybe come back for the dessert 


Jibby & co. 
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Subang Jaya 

Opens Daily 


  1. true, i'm a fan of sweet potato fries too ... and the seafood looks good, with a large prawn and chunk of fish :)


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