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FATBOYS Burger Bar @ Publika, Mont Kiara

Visited Publika mall and was spoilt for choices for dining in this magnificent place.. Want to come here more often in the future :).. 
For this visit, N and I went to FATBOYS Burger Bar for lunch.. Its actually recommended by him.. We were there around the lunch time and it was beginning to be rather pack and could see that people are waiting patiently for its food.. The place is heavily patronized by the office community in the mont kiara area and there are occasionally some shoppers or foreigners dropping by for  a burger.. Well, that's the reason why it was noisy and pack and the seats are easily filled within seconds.. If you want to have a bite at it be sure to be here early as it may take some time to wait for a vacant seat..Location of this burger bar is just at the outdoor restaurants opposite of Ben's..

Actually, this burger bar was opened in Singapore and now it opens its doors to fellow Malaysians.. The fun part of this burger bar is that they offer custom made burger that allows you to choose the bun, the patty and the sauces and also you can put include some add ons which is great and interesting.. But I also have seen some diners that had their meal here ordered just some add ons, patty and sauces without the bun.. how good is that and you wont feel guilty that  you have wasted the meal by not finishing it.. 

Back to food,
 They do offer some burger dishes that they made known as their specialty burger and also there is a section called the best of the best and some have the luxury to choose your own patty from pork to lamb and some just have a single option and bare in mind that all the patties here are cooked medium so if you are the fan of meats being cooked till medium rare be sure to let them know.. Then, they also offer the different types of add ons which are very unique.. Besides that, you also can create your own personal burger meal..
The ones we had for lunch was The bush tucker  for myself and Fat Basterd burger for N.. His burger patty he opt for the lamb patty..  

We waited patiently for some time for our food to come and luckily the drinks came first while waiting for those beauties to get ready.. Sadly, the hot chocolate that N had ordered was a disappointment.. It wasn't hot as promise as it came to our table in a luke warm condition and the colour was just a light hint of chocolate.. To him, it wasn't the best hot chocolate he had compared to the others that he had tried and for myself, I had a soda lemon mint which wasn't entirely sweet but rather a strong minty flavour..

When the burger arrives, was quite surprised that the burger portions look super generous and with some chips on the side of it.. Mine was actually  beef patty with beetroots, ethemal cheese and arugula.. At first I find it a little tough to eat it because the height of the burger and also my mouth wasn't that big to fit in the first bite but luckily they provided us with some cutleries to cut it and we practically ate the burger by sections.. The buns in my burger was fairly nice with it being toasted with garlic butter which is nice.. The patty was done medium but to me i like my meat to be on the medium rare.. eventhough, itd medium but it wasnt so juicy.. 
The beetroot goes nicely with the patty but wasn't the greatest of friends on my tongue..
Then, N's fat basterd burger was huge..It really was like a mini tower of burger with 2 patties towering on top of each other but i came to realized that the patty size wasn't consist but the appearance of it was lovely with the chargrilled line on the patty and the burger was packed full with goodies.. This needs surgical procedure to handle and dissect this burger of monstrous amount and height.. N was satisfied about his burger and was in burger heaven..

Verdict: The food is alright but the place is absolute noisy so its hard to make a conversation and you gotta                 hurry to finish up the burger with the amounts of people coming and waiting..
             Will probably give it another go next time..

Ambience: 2/5


Fat Basterd 

Bush tucker 

Soda Lemon mint 

Lot30 Level G2  Publika Mall, No.1  Solaris Dutamas , Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 , KL.

                                                       Opening hours:
                                                Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 23:00
                                                Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 00:00
                                                Sun: 11:00 - 23:00


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