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Three little pigs & the big bad wolf & Plan B @ Bangsar Village

Good day people!!

How is everyone? With the holidays just in and all my friends are busy vacationing but I'm still stuck in my place.. No fret because this means I can spend the time with my glorious food and give you all the insight of the food i am currently having ^^.. Food really can brighten ones day and make it a really beautiful day..

So while I am listening to Michael Buble's new song "Beautiful Day", it is such a great song to listen and past the time with while I am writing about those lovely food and reminiscing about its heavenly taste that still lingers in my mouth.. So be sure to check this song out.!
Enough about the song..

For today, I spent my time with my lovely in Bangsar Village and revisiting the Three little piggies & the big bad wolf for lunch.. Be sure to check out the previous post about this piggy delectables..
So, as always it is very busy during the lunch time especially during the weekdays..We were immediately greeted by the staff that was eagerly standing there while observing the surroundings of its outdoor seating and we were immediately whisked off to our seating..
After we were seated, the staff presents us with their menu and they have just made some amendments to their previous menu and don't need to worry as the favourites are still there with some new additions into each sections that they offer.. The menu looks much better than the previous menu and its in a nice red book..

For that lunch, we had pork lovers aglio olio pasta & N had a mighty piggy burger.. For drinks, we had a cup of hazelnut latte and a glass of lemonade.. When the food arrives which was the pasta that was first arrived.. The appearance was quite mediocre but it was a little weird with a meat ball on top of it.. The aglio olio was spicy and hot with some hint of pepper and garlic and also the sauce of garlic oil and it was top up with some bacon and ham.. To me, it taste alright and nothing much to shout about and also not really memorable as it was all spicy and quite oily and heavy with the under cooked meatball..
Then came N's dish arrived and it was the mighty piggy burger.. The burger is made with pork patty and it was served with sides of salad and also some chips.. The moment the mighty landed on the table, it looked huge but to N, it looked like a lot similar towards the McDonald's Chicken burger.. The patty was huge and thick and it can be easily mistaken as the beef patty and it was covered with tartar sauce and with an egg on top of the patty.. Overall, the dish that he had was just average and normal nothing much to be delighted about as the meat is just cooked nicely with some accompaniments and also the eggs..
Currently they are having this promotion about the meatballs, it looks cute and interesting.. So, if you are a big fan of meatball this is for you!

After having the lunch, then I  suggested going for some dessert in PlanB since we were in Bangsar Village.. The moment we entered the restaurant, we were immediately greeted by the server/ manager of the restaurant clad in a blue shirt with jeans.. Then, we were whisked away to our table and had the menu.. I noticed that the menu has some slight changes from the predecessor which is good giving us more variety to choose and taste from.. But for that visit, we were totally focused on the subject of choosing a dessert to end the wonderful lunch in Bangsar Village.. It was such a hard decision for both of us to make as there are plentiful of desserts to choose from and some you can get it with ice cream on top and there was a specialty on that visit we went which was pandan gula melaka  cake for N and for myself, I had a slice of lemon meringue cake.. Love the meringue cake as it was full of zingy lemon taste and refreshing taste with gives it such a light portion and also wont give the heavy feeling after a heavy lunch whereas the pandan coconut cake has a very subtle pandan flavour which was noticeable after awhile in the tongue and it was nice and wasn't overpowering..

Verdict: The food for lunch was just mediocre but would prefer the ones that we had..
              For desserts, it was delicious and wonderful

Three little pigs & the big bad wolf
Ambience: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Service: 3/5

Plan B:
Ambience: 4/5
Food: 4/5

New piggy menu

hazelnut latte


Pork lovers aglio olio 

mighty piggy burger 

Pandan gula melaka cake 

lemon meringue 

Be sure to check out the Plan B's new menu in their website and also to have a great lunch/ dinner in that restaurant which have several outlets in KL:
 Publika Mont Kiara,
Bangsar Village,
 Pavillion mall,
Suria KLCC mall
Midvalley megamall.

Cheers and enjoy the Hari Raya celebration^^


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