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Meet fresh @ Pavilion, KL

Recently heard about a new dessert restaurant pop up for some time.. Its also from Taiwan..
This place is called the Meet Fresh and to my perspective its a combination of Hui Lau Shan and also Snowflake together.. Its because from the menu I have seen was it has some desserts that has striking similarities to those 2 that I have mentioned..

Before I bore you with my analysis of my findings about this establishment.. Lets move on to its speciality.. Basically, we came here its because from a recommendation of a college mate that to them, they felt this is much better than the Snowflake.. Well to me all seems to be the same with some slight changes of their name or menu orientation..

Honestly speaking, we were quite confuse on what to order from this restaurant because the menu is so different and wide and also because i wasnt so familiar about this place and whats their speciality is so in the end we had helped from their friendly cashier and he recommended to us the mango supreme..
According to him it is their top ten desserts by meet fresh and so we went with..

After ordering, he gave us a device which is quite similar to the alien by Snowflake but theirs is like a metal detector that usually held by those airport officers or bodyguards but it didnt make any sound or vibration just blinking lights .. And so we went to get a seat which was practically empty aftet lunch hours.. So we chose a pretty good seat that faces the surrounding shops..
When the dessert arrives, the staff brings us the dessert rather than self service which is nice haha considering that we were feeling quite lazy after such a luxurious and heavy lunch from jogoya during that visit..
When it came, the portion surprises us both because we werent expecting the portion to be that generous and it really is what we ordered.. The dessert we had called the mango supreme and it was like a mount or volcano like presentation with mangoes and also some shaved ice in it and to top it off is a scoop of yam ice cream.. It was refreshing and plentiful of mango..

Verdict: Its quite decent and refreshing
Ambience: 3/5

tracking device

mango supreme 

Meet Fresh 
Lot 6.35.00, Level 6 Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang 
55100 KL.


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