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Jogoya Buffet @ Starhill Gallery, KL

Hey Hey!!

Its been awhile since my last post.. Was having a long break and was kinda bored and so N set up a date today to go for a celebratory lunch buffet for a special celebration.. So we thought why not have a little luxury in life as a treat to ourselves and so we did..

Jogoya actually is located in the Starhill gallery that is opposite from Pavilion and its very convenient to go there as well.. When we get to the restaurant which was located at the 3rd floor and the restaurant next door neighbor is a YTL property gallery.. Back to the restaurant, the exterior of the restaurant is quite plain with all the wooden planks that frames the restaurant and there are also a glass wall on the other side of the facade of this restaurant.. There is also a counter for the enquiries and also a payment counter.. The outside of this restaurant also have some chairs for everyone to be seated on while waiting for their queue at the payment counter..

Once paid, we were then ushered into the restaurant by a gentleman dressed like a air steward and the ladies were dressed like an air stewardess.. So the whole restaurant looks spacious with different sections and types of seatings and there are also some private rooms for the big party and it is so huge the room that is covered with a long table and lots of chairs and all the rooms have positive names with some chinese characters.. It can be an option for a party venue..
Besides that, we focus mainly about its wide array of food.. When we step out from the section that we are seated, we immediately attack the buffet counter that is nearby our section and remember to not only stay there but to explore the whole area because there are more glorious and beautiful food located further in the restaurant.. While walking and exploring with my eyes, it made me difficult to decide to begin eating which sections and to order which food first.. This is a buffet restaurant so there are some already prepared and some that requires cooking and this can be done with the clips provided on the table..
I could say that, we were pretty occupied with the selection and the massive decision on which to pick up.. Some I saw is quite cute as  the chef prepared different ways of serving/ cooking an egg and I picked up a sauna egg which is so cute and it was served in a little milk jar that contains the egg that was cooked soft boiled and with some condiments.. Gotta tell you that it tasted so nice and surprisingly not so funky as I thought it would be..

One major thing to tell you lot is TO COME WITH AN EMPTY STOMACH because the buffet spread here is super duper wide and your eyes and brain will be super confuse in the decision making of which to begin with.. So better come with an empty stomach and start your glorious meal with some fresh oysters because that was what we started with in the beginning and the only thing I could just say that the oyster is the reason why You must go there for an indulgent lunch and the price is really worth it..
The whole time we just had oyster with some tobasco sauce and squeezed lemons, sashimi which has a wide range of sashimis from salmon to tuna and it look so fresh and thick and delicious.. For the both of us is really like heaven in our mouth.. Then we move on to its sushi and also their other savoury dishes..
The few things we weren't happy with was that the unagi that was cooked smell alittle bit fishy and then the abalone that we tried the abalone meat doesnt have the zingy taste that it was marinated in.. The desserts are abundant and there is plentiful of choices to choose from mochi up to the western desserts like chocolate brownie, jelly, tiramisu and some bread and butter pudding.. Then, there are also some ice creams from new zealand natural & haagen dazs and then after the dessert sections, there are also dimsum sections which made some lovely dimsum..
In some of the buffet line we also ordered and tried some alaskan cod fish which was for me and also an oyster ommelettee forN..The cod dish which I had was served in a small portion thankfully and the fish was cooked perfectly but you gotta becareful with this dish as this fish has alot of bones so do becareful when you are eating it but the fish tasted moist, nice and fresh..Whereas for N's ommelette it was quite ok just has the element of the oysters in and thankfully the portions is small or else is would be hard for us to lick everything clean from our table..

Their cocktail wasnt my cup of tea and so we replaced our drinks with juices and teas..

The service there was good as the staff there is quite fast in clearing plates and also helpful..

Verdict: The food is worth the price paying for and to come with an empty stomach

Ambience: 4/5


Oyster ommelette


(L-R) Sauna egg, papaya salad

escargot, abalone ( baked with cheese ) and mussels 

Dessert: mango cheesecake and herbal jelly 

New Zealand Natural icecreams!!

Jogoya Buffet Restaurant 
T3 Relish floor
Starhill Gallery 
           Reservation/Inquiry : +603 – 21421268           
Fax: +603 – 21488171

Opens daily 
11:30-4:20pm (weekdays)
11-4:20pm (weekends)

Dinner: 5pm-9:30pm (daily)

Supper: 9:40pm-11:40pm (daily)


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