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KLonut Dessert storm @ Publika mall, Mont Kiara

Hello everyone, with the Raya around the corner whereby everyone is busy with shopping and preparation of delicious Malay cuisines and decorations..

The advantage from this celebration would be the traffic will be smoother than normal.. With that, he decided to bring me to Publika mall.. So happy cause finally can go to the Publika mall that is famous for events held there but mainly its about the food offered there.. The mall is quite Big and also spacious and modern.. The moment we arrived there and I was quite shocked with the amount of all the restaurants offered in this complex and you have plenty of choices of cuisine and some are not found in KL so it was very unique and refreshing to be hanging out in that place..
Then we went to the B.I.G Supermarket and it was like a heaven of all the groceries with amazing food and plentiful choices that seems endless.. This supermarket also have some restaurants and cafe by the group and it is such a convenience for the shoppers with the choice of food display that eventually whip your appetite and you can have lunch there too.. Personally, I love some cafes that they are offering like B*wiched which is a sandwich bar that allows you to custom made your very own sandwich and they too offer some delicious desserts that also sold some cute little macarons with the aromas that is so tantalisingly attractive and I can say that I could take my eyes off of them.. In that market, we stopped at the booth selling the latest sensation by this group which was the KLonut which was a donut ring that was made with a texture combination of a  croissant and donut and there are 3 different options to choose from but the flavour changes so you better reserve sometime to try it before it goes..

The day we went there, the flavours offered were peanutbutter & caramel, kaya & coconut  and the last option was Milo custard & condensed milk glaze.. Each cost around RM7 and we bought was the peanut butter & caramel and also the kaya & coconut KLonuts.. You can also have a seat while waiting for it.. The staff there is very nice.. I had the Kaya & coconut and was so happy to finally able to devour on one of those lovelies that I have been seeing in their Facebook page.. The Kaya & coconut KLonut have an amazing texture that is both interesting but still light and crunchy and the kaya is just alright but not much of the kaya taste there and can't really get the coconut texture..
N had the Peanutbutter & caramel version and the donut was glazed with caramel and also some peanuts which adds it to the crunch and the inside of the donut can really taste the peanutbutter but not much of caramel.. It really goes well with a cup of tea or hot chocolate..

Verdict: Overall, the KLonuts taste wonderful but was hoping that they still offer the chocolate version..

Dessert Storm



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