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Its that time and day of the year again that we take some time to reflect on the experiences and challenges or to some are memories and accomplishment we faced through out the year..

For me, i had some challenges from my practical and also studies but those experiences has given me the lesson to guide me through whereas on accomplishment is i did well in my studies and also I undertook a course for wines which I did fairly well..

Besides that, this year the blog readership has picked up and increases compared to previous year..
This year I could say that I had more food adventures and also travel !!
Really enjoyed sharing my dining experiences with you all..

Really am grateful for the readers support!!
Will continue to post more food adventures, maybe include in some of the celebratory idea gifts or about my latest happening in uni..
Let the fun begins!!

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their support and also wish you a Happy New Year 2014!!! 
To a great year ahead with more great adventures in life and also in food!!
Have a great year of health, happiness and wealth :) 


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