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Christmas 2013

It has been a wonderful 3 days of festive celebration!

There's more pictures of food than the festive decoration.. Let me share with you the food, the surprise gifts and also the pressie's I had!
Firstly, for christmas eve I had a lovely dinner made by the family and also we finished it with christmas pudding bomb which made with pannetone fruit cake with some peanut butter and vanilla ice cream.. It was absolutely delicious with each bite you discover a different flavour profile that made it fun to eat and this is a surprisingly light dessert to eat after the massive dinner.. The pressie I had was the bracelet from publika and a necklace from the Red's Revenge( If you like, you can check their facebook & instagram)..
Christmas Pudding bomb

My christmas pressie
 Well, for boxing day I had a surprise gift from the Shangri-la KL hotel! It was a rather huge gift box that is beautifully bow tied with golden ribbon.. Once I unravel the box, the surprise hidden in the box is a beautiful, sexy and decadent looking chocolate fudge cake.. The chocolate fudge cake looks great with strawberries, raspberry & blueberry which is a great compliment the chocolate fudge cake that balances out from the chocolate note with its sourish berries.. It is a perfect combination.. Well done from the Lemon Garden 2 Go, Shangri-la KL.. Be sure to check out them for lunch or teatime as the glorious selection that is available in the cafe is just a dessert or foodie heaven!
Boxing day surprise

chocolate fudge cake 

Shangri-La sugary christmas tree 
Until Next christmas ! Its been a fun & foodie christmas this year.. Hopefully, 2014 will be a great year of foodie adventure!


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